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Fan Placement/Direction

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Apr 16, 2001
I'm new to this overclocking craze, and before i got interested i bought an asus a7v133, duron 850 and a cheap case

my case has 2 mounts for 80mm fans, one mid-back, and one lower front

i bought 2 80mm, and a 120mm, i was planning on makin a blowhole and sticking the 120, but i was wondering if the 120 would be better for intake
anyway im really confused what to use for intake and just wanted some opinions, thanks
Hi, the best way is to blow out the same air that blow in.

Install a 80mm in the lower front, and a120mm on the left panel that sucks fresh air into the case, also a 80mm in the mid-back, and a 120mm on the upper side of case that sucks out hot air.
You must only made 2 fan hole into the upper and left panel.

Have a nice O/C.
You don't want to create a condition where your case has more air going out the fans than in (negative pressurization). If your HS fan blows down onto the HS, put the 120 blowing in. I assume by blowhole, you mean right over the HSF. By positively pressurizing the case, you guarantee the PSU fan will not be competing for its share of the airflow and it will keep dust from sucking into all the cracks, crevices, floppy, CD, etc. Consider a filtration medium over the 120 so it does not coat your HSF, not to mention, the entire mobo, with dust over time.

thanks guys
so i should definitely have the 120 pumping in and what about the 80's? one in one out? i dont really wanna buy another 120 for that side hole The Doors was talking about, unless i really have to

i have a grill and a couple filters on the way for my fans
so i hope the dust situation is kept under control
I think the capacity of the 120 will overwhelm that of the 80s. Conventional wisdom, without a blowhole, is to have the low front one blow in and the upper rear blow out. Might as well stay with that. FWIW, my mid tower has the same cutouts as yours. I have a Panaflo 80mm blowing in the lower front and a Sunon of slightly lesser capacity sucking out the upper rear one. Those two keep my case temp only 2 or 3 defrees above room temp. I know you want to put in that 120, but if I were you, I'd try the two 80s alone first and see what that buys you. Go with the 120 if they don't meet your needs.

thanks Hoot
ill try that, so if i had just one 80mm pumping out and my 120 and another 80 pumping in, would that create too much pressure? i also have one of those expansion slot output fans from my old comp,
whatta ya think?
Ya that would be a little to much preasure. Do like Hoot said put an 80 in the bottom front sucking in and the other 80 in your rear location blowing out and see what the results are. I have had good luck with this configuration and there is no need to hack up the case. If this doen't work good enough or you just insist on having that 120mm in there put it in the lower front sucking in, put an 80 behind the cpu blowing out and the other 80 in the top blowing out.