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Fan placement suggestions please

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F|[email protected]

Sep 17, 2002
I am building a new rig and need some suggestions for the placement of fans for the best cooling possible.
I have a Chieftec case pictured here. A 80mm Vantec Tornado will be cooling the cpu, and also there will be 2 intake fans on the front and 2 exhaust fans in the rear. There will be an 80mm blowhole on the top of the case.

My question is, would installing fan(s) in the window be anymore beneficial? If so, how many should be installed and where. Also what direction should the fans be blowing....in or out?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions :beer:


Oct 4, 2002
Corinth, MS
I also just bought a chieftec case and modded it to include a window. I have 2 front intake, 2 back exhaust, 1 120 mm blowhole top, 3 on the window (1 blowing on the cpu, 1 blowing on the video card, 1 blowing on the memory). Using various 35 cfm/30 db 80 mm fans for all except the blowhole which is 80 cfm/40 db. Also all of them but 2 are hooked up to a 6 port baybus from frozencpu so I can turn some off at night while I sleep. Other 2 have rheostats that I can control. This setup seems to work well for me. One thing to be careful though if you plan to add fans to the window is be sure you can do it right the first time since the one you're getting has rivets to hold the window in place. My window was made by me so I can easily switch out the window if it ever breaks or I want to change the layout of the window. You may want to consider buying a non pre-windowed one so you can do it yourself if you haven't bought it already.
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