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fan resistance

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Feb 13, 2002
In a Little Bowl
Seeing as I cant afford my window mod til I get paid I am gonna have to get on wth my fan mod.

Atm my temps for both my case and CPU gradually rise and enver stay on a certain level. This is obviously cos i am sucking in the warm/hot air with my front fan, cos there isnt a hole in the front facia to suck though. (also i need to tidy my wires but shh :p )

What I was intending to do is clip out the grille bit infront of the case fan mounted on the front. Then I was going to cut a hole in the front of the facia and get a small bit of tubing to create a seal from the open air to the fan (so no hot air sucked in). however i didnt fancy sucking in dust and stuff (cos its on the floor) So i was going to put some fine mesh over this hole.

The question is (if you've managed to stick wiht it so far) is how much will this affect the efficiency of the fan? I know the perforated bit of the case will affect it cos its solid (in places), but this isnt really solid at all. Otherwise i will obviously have to get a fan guard thingy i assume.

Much better off with the fan filter. You could also use an air conditioner filter if you can cob a way to keep it from getting sucked into the fan. The filters have enough open web so as to not interfere with air flow.
Weeel now if I got this right, then Yes you should do that and yes it will help! :D

OK Lets see.... Almost all standard cases need some modding to get proper airflow in to the case. I don't know what case you have, but on many (read almost all) there is a grill in the case which consists of a group of holes, NOT GOOD ENOUGH! If this is the case bring out your dremel, cutter or jigsaw. and make a nice hole the size of your fan so that it can get air. If the plastik front is a standard front, you will need to make a hole in it too. Making a duct from the fron to the fan is a good idea!!:D If you get a air filter to prevent dust and such there is no need for a fan guard because the filter will protect the fan and your fingers ;)
If you're worried about sucking in dust, use a dryer sheet. Y'know, like the ones you put in the dryer to stop your clothes from getting all static-y.

They catch dust really well, and you case will smell springtime fresh! :D