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fan selection help for heater core

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Apr 16, 2001
Here are the options I KNOW will fit in my case. I will be mounting them (it) to the heater core with a shroud and 1 - 1.5 inch gap set to suck air through.

1. Single 120mm YS tech with a reo.
2. Dual 92mm fans (not sure on selection)
3. 1 120mm and 1 92mm

This might be hard but I think I can put 2 120's in it (probably panflo).

My big question is will all of these options be able to cool a 1.5 gig tbird? The next being noise. The whole idea is to reduce sound. If I dial down the single YS tech will it still be able to cool the sysem to a reasonable temp?

Any comments welcome. My heater core measures 6 1/8 by 9 3/4.
hmm, i think two 92*38mm Sanyo Denki 55CFM fans would be great if both were pushing air through it. millisec.com has the fans They are quiet fans and they are thicker allowing for better airflow.
On my heater core I use two 120's but I have them mounted one blowing into the core and one sucking out (on opposite sides obviously) with a shroud on both sides.
I did some experiments and for my combination of radiator and fans this gave the best airflow.
I have the fans thermostatically controlled from the water temp, they never need to be turned full on to keep the water down to 30-35C. This is with a 120W and a 72W pelt in the curcuit.
Thanks everyone. I think I'm gonna go with a single sanyo Denki rated at 102 cfm reo controlled (or voltage regulated).
I just recieved two 120*38 Y.S. Tech fans, that push out 131.5 cfm each, but they might be too loud for you... i think they push out like 45 decibles or something like that.