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fan setup

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any suggestions? im wondering if my delta is defeating the airflow. the delta arrow is pointing to the right since thats the direction it is blowing since its mounted to my alpha pal 6035 on a slotkit.
its possible, but i dont know what your going to do about it. I guess one optin is to turn fnas 4 and 5 around, and put in some exhause fans at the top of the case. Then you are drawing cool air in the front and back and hot out the back. Would probably drop cpu temps. If you did this you might want ot put up a little deflector to send the delta exhause up instead of all over the place.
Just to offer another opinion:

1) Leave fans 1 and 2 where you plan them
2) Mount 1 or 2 fans on top for exhaust
3) Mount an intake fan on spot 4 or 5 and then use a duct to take the fresh air to the top of your hsf (only works if your hs/fan is set up to blow down onto your hs)
4) I am a strong believer of mounting an internal fan in the hole where your power supply wires pass to the mobo - mount it so that it forces air up towards the top exhaust fans

I have a similar setup and my ambient temps run 1 degree above room temp.

Hope this helps.
If you can, try to make a duct for your HSF so that it ducts upwards, perhaps a "U" shape duct. Check out any hardware/plumbing store for U shaped pipes. Try and get a short one. You might wanna attach one end to the HSF, and put another fan on the other end, just to draw the hot air out, in the event that the HSF doesn't have the chutzpa to move the air through the U pipe.
If you don't intend to add a blowhole right over the Delta, then set fans 4 and 5 to blow cool air in, right at the Deltas intake. Some will hook around up top and back out the PSU. Fans 1 and 2 should be on exhaust and the majority of the through-case airflow will head in that direction. I have spent way too much time experimenting with different arrangements of fan airflow. The above setup will serve your nedds the best.

Well I am going to have to disagree with Hoot on this one (no offense of course). I have tried the setup you suggest and what I found was that the 'hot' air from the top (under the assumption that warm air rises) of the case is pulled down and along the mobo surface. That actually increased the amibent temperatures. My best advice ... set up your fans and see what it does in your case, it takes very little effort to turn your fans around and see the results.
IF you have alot of time to play around:
Buy a piece of plexiglass and attach it to the side of your case. Then use a smoke agent ... cig, incense, hmmm 'other,' and watch how it circulates through your case. The setup that gets the smoke out of your case the fastest is the setup to go with.
with good airflow you won't have "hot air" and "cold air". Ebola certainly should not with that setup. But gives hoot suggestion a shot, you have nothing to loose except a few minutes. Better than going for a blowhole right away.
Well I guess I will respectfully agree to disagree on this one.

But I certainly agree that the only true way to find out what works and what doesn't is to 'try it and see.'
i dont want to cut any holes in the case so i think i'll go with try and see what happens.