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Fan speed controler?

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Nov 7, 2002
Im looking for sommot to control the my main cpu fan its a delta and runs at about 50dbs

Im after a cheap way to do it like buying a control knob for my case front or similar...

Ive been lookin at doin this for ages and have looked at loads of ideas...
any one got an answer?

im in the UK btw so buying here would be nice if poss...


Jul 6, 2002
Good old UK
Yo. What you want is a baybus controller or something similar. If you're any good with a soldering iron, you could make up something yourself, with an LM317 variable voltage regulator, a variable resistor, and a couple of other components. That'd probably be cheaper, and the bits are available from a maplins store near you (I'm in England too). Of course, as you're an IT manager, you can afford a baybus right?... :D just had to get that in chap :p . I can bung you a circuit diagram if you like. Or you can do it the nasty way, with a rheostat (yuck) and have problems bunging on extra fans and stuff...