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fan suggestions

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Senior Member
Mar 9, 2001
Queens, NY
i have the full tower case from webuildpcs.com
with a 300w psu(have and extra 300w if needed)
i already have a 120mm YS tech and 2 sunons 80mm
the YS tech will be blowing air on the mother board and the sunons are going to be
sucking air out on top of the psu
i have money to buy another 120mm sunons and 2 fan grills
should i go and get the other fan and use it at a blowhole on the top blowing air out
I think I talked to you on another post or a PM about this the other day...
I finally decided what I would do with my B.A.C. (big *** case)
Im going to have 3 120s blowing on the mother board, 1 120 out the back, 1 120 out the top, and probably the 5" bay cooler like 3dfxcool sells. Its a 80cfm double fan unit that just slides in a harddrive bay.

Sounds like a lot of fans, but they are all the lower RPM type, which is why I went for quantity.
Im thinking of ducking one of the 120s into the FOP 32 I have. The only downside to that is that you can't have the puter running if you have the side panel off.
I would mount the 120mm as a blow hole, mount 1 of the 80's in the bottom front and have the other 80 above the PSU sucking out.
Trust me, you will have enough air moving in this configuration. Ideally you want as much if not more going out as in.
Check my post "New System Pretty Cool"
This rig is LOUD!!! I think I will add a rheostat to switch some of these fans on at certain temps.
i just finished modding my full tower case, i'll have a pic soon, i have 2 120's blowing directly on the mobo and cards, 4 80's at the top expelling the hot air and 1 80 @ the front sucking and 1 80 at the back blowing, you just have to rember that you have to get rid of the same amount of air that you bring into the case, this is easy enough to do, just find out the cfm of the fans bringing cool air in and the cfm of the fans expelling the hot air, thweese numbers should be roughly the same, idealy you want the air in your case to be constantly moving wether it is being sucked in or being expelled
This is what i would/will do .
1-(1)120 bringing air into the case from lower front
2-(2)120 blowing on the mobo ect.
3-(1)120mm blowhole
4-(depending on size) most likly (2)80mm out the back.

well i get some misterious fans from mom's work on monday. we'll see what happens. i dont even know what size they are, all i know is theyre FREE!!!
well since i dont have enough money to buy alot more fans i only have for about one more i think i will get one nore 120mm
which i will put blowing air on to the mobo then a 120mm on the top blowing air out and a 80mm on the lower front blowing in and a 80mm on top of psu blowing out
now i have to order a fan and two fan guards
OpenFriday (Mar 25, 2001 12:29 a.m.):
well i get some misterious fans from mom's work on monday. we'll see what happens. i dont even know what size they are, all i know is theyre FREE!!!

I got some free fans from a dead Compaq server where I used to Work. All were a POS.

I had a 120mm, that I've felt gnat's fart harder than the airflow through it.

As for the two 92's: One had a knackered bearing, you could hear it whirring, and violently vibrating, the other had a similar thru-put to my 60mm YS-tech that sits on my 'sink.