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Fan voltage

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Jan 2, 2001
Could you connect a potentiometer to b/n the fan and power supply, and just control the voltage (speed) of the fan by turning it?
What specifications does this common practice require? I was at radioshack, and there are all sorts(linear and stuff) Which do you reccomend?
Do not[b/] connect a potentiometer in series with the +12 to your fan. Potentiometers can not handle that kind of wattage. Use a wirewound rheostat.

BTW the best rating is 25 ohm, it'll provide 7~12v range for most fans [for some lower power fans it'll go below 7v.] Also the wattage is listed on the potentiometer/rheostat [as said before you wont find a conventional potentiometer with the required wattage, get a wirewound one.]