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FEATURED FANS 101: Going Scientific.

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i use the 140,s in mine they are very good and quiet, going to buy 2 more 140,s to replace the 200 on the top of my computer, as its getting old and noisy , the temps have come down 4 degrees since changing the original fans, so all good :)
Great topic, learned some new information. :) My case is below (Antec DF-85) as well as my system specs (in signature) and I've also got a Corsair H80 water cooling system as well. The fans with the case and radiator are what came with them so they aren't the best. What I'm looking for are fans that are super quiet. I'm ok with having every fan slot filled as long as the noise is minimal. Using this topic and the airflow diagram (red/blue arrows) has helped me understand how to use the fans in the case work.

I'm not overclocking anything but I do have 2 GTX 560 Ti's in SLI that probably add to some of the internal case temps, but, the good news is the fans on those video cards are super quiet. :) Right now the case and radiator fans are loud but only under full load, and they do keep the temps down (27-38ºC). Using the following logic (probably incorrectly), fans that are quieter than my stock fans that also have a higher CFM flow should provide the same or more cooling while lowering the noise correct? I'd like to know what are some decently priced fans for what I need. :)

Total fan slots available in the case...

120mm Fans:
2 x rear 120mm TwoCool red LED fans (one slot used by radiator with 2 fans attached)
3 x front 120mm red LED fans with speed control knobs

140mm Fans:
2 x top 140mm TwoCool fans

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The Noctua fans are out of my price range. After reading fan reviews for hours I've found three 120mm fans that seem a good balance of CFM & dB for the $$$.

  • Enermax Twister Cluster Advance 120mm UCCLA12P ($15.99)
  • Enermax Twister Pressure UCTP12P ($14.99)
  • Antec TrueQuiet 120mm ($9.99)

What do you all think of these?

I bought 2 of the Enermax Twister Cluster Advance 120mm UCCLA12P for $16 each. I'm going to record the noise before and after to see how much different it is. The store I got then from had several dozen fans sitting ok the top shelf and plugged in so I got to hear and feel each of them including the ones I listed above. My only complaint is these are white... But quiet and performance are more important than aesthetics. :)

Has anyone here used this or any of the other fans I listed above?
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I installed the two Enermax Twister Cluster Advance 120mm UCCLA12P fans on the radiator of my Corsair H80 and my my what a difference. Much more air being pushed through and so very quiet. They are so quiet the other fans are making too much noise now. LOL The are slightly lighter plastic but otherwise seem to be solid. I will definitely buy more to fill up the other 120mm fan slots.