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Fans Fans and More Fans

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Feb 15, 2001
What case fan should I get for my midtower packing my AMD T-Bird 1G? There are hundreds of fans out... Is Delta the best? I need something quiet but very effictive. If I must choose one, I will pick effectiveness.

Thank you for your time.
i got a 120mm panaflow, they're great, very good airflow (108CFM) and not that loud either :)
I recently read a real good bit on cooling (not here I think, a link from the Asus motherboard newsgroup) and there was a suggestion that case fans don't have to be DC. According to the FAQ, AC fans are stronger and quieter and don't draw any current from the Power Supply, just plug it into an outlet. It suggested checking out radio shack. Just a thought.
Oh great! I get to reply to my own post! Just back from Radio Shack and they had two AC fans. A 32cfm 3" (80mm) for $16.99 and a 65cfm 4" (120mm) for 18.99. Hmm, how does that math work on that American/Metric conversion?

Anyway, you have to put on your own plug since there are just two wires, but even I should be able to handle that. And I know just the lamp to sacrifice!
I know they might not be the best out there, but if you go on pricewatch you can easily find many case fans for sale that are $1 or $2. When compared to the standard $10 case fans you tend to see, they have to be a good deal. As long as you can see what your buying you can check out the fan blades, and most of them have rated RPMs. It would seem to me that they'd be a good deal for the money...I mean you can buy 5-10 fans for the price of one. but who knows about quietness...I've got a globalwin fop38 on my Tbird right now, so I've pretty much given up on keeping quiet!!!

1st, I want to thank you for all the help = )
I think I am going to buy two I'm Panaflo H1A fans and one cheep $5 fan.
The 1st Panaflo for the side panel of my case pushing air in.
The 2nd Panaflo for the top panel of the case pushing air out.
The cheep 5$ fan for the front also working to push air out.
The hope is that air will pass my cards then the chip and leave through the top of my case.
I currently have a Alpha PAL6035, with Delta 38cfm Fan on my 1Gig TBird.
My current temp with only my CPU fan is 36C, not overclocked.

What do you think? Does it sound like a good plan? What would you do different (Before I invest in these fans)?
I've taken a different approach that is working very well. One kick-*** 80mm fan (salvaged from an old server so I don't know the CFM) mounted on the PAL6035. It has an 80x80mm vent out through the side panel. The fan sucks air from the heatsink and exhausts it outside the case.

Think about it -- the major source of heat exhausted directly outside. I also have a bottom fresh air intake and a quiet, low-cfm 2nd exhaust high up in the back. I have the big cpu fan wired to a 7v/12v and normally run it 7v (as it is right now). Right now temps are: room 19C, mobo 21C, CPU 36C (SETI running, plus browser, etc.) Currently my Duron 600 is @ 850 (8x106).