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Fans fans, and some more fans, AARRRGHHH!!!!!!

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Senior Member
Jan 23, 2001
I have about 3 or 4 extra case fans, and just wondering how many degress Celcius (approximately) do you think I could drop it by haveing 2 blow in and 2 blow out of the case.
size of fans? locations? I use a 120mm fan dead middle on the front of my inwin case , a 120mm fan on the rear above the powersupply which blows across a series of copper coils i designed. the power supply blows out also. Both of the 120's are reostat controlled, if temps start climbing up goes the noise and airflow :)
that is still one thing I do not like about fans... how people rate it and how good it is, SIZE DOES NOT ALWAYS MATTER (no pun intended) Heheheh

anyway to prove this FACT take two fans of the same size... but draw different amount of amps.... the one that draws more is stronger, blows more air etc.... same goes with volts (but 90% are 12 volts so we don't have to worry about that)

So in fact a smaller fan that draws more amps could be the better fan providing more airflow.

So people please take this into consideration the next time you talk about how great your fans are because they are larger.... Larger doesn't mean more power.

So when you look for that new fan, Things to look for other than size. Lots of amps and volts(other than 12 you can get 17 and 24 from a normal PSU with ease)
I used to just have my ps fan sucking out on my celeron 600@1008 with 1.95v but I put an 80mm fan on the side of my case sucking in, the 60mm fan of my cpu heatsink blowing out behind the cpu (replaced by an 80mm fan) and a 40mm fan sucking in in the 2 spare external 3.5" racks and this lowered my motherboard temp from 41oC to 29oC
Yes in this I agree that size is not allways better. However my 120mm are pushing mass CFM yet at low noise and speed. Create a slight overpressure with any style of fans and you will be happy......