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Farm Cutbacks:(

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Linux challenged Senior, not that it stops me...
Dec 28, 2001
Corner of No and Where
Bad news folks:

Some car problems recently meant that I had to spend some dough earmarked for Christmas shopping on car repairs (good news is that the car is fixed.)

So I am way behind my budget this year :(

I am not certain exactly how much impact this will have, or for just how long but the last couple of days I have just had 1 rig going: in-depth look at bills and paychecks tomorrow to see just how badly hit I will be, but I know I will not be at full strength for a while.

It's not much money, but right now $20 is a big deal.

With time I WILL get the full Farm back online though:)
Bummer - well that sort of thing happens. Hope you get back to full steam soon.
Sorry to hear about your difficulties. At least the car is running! Hope things work out well soon. ;)
Hey dude, you're going to have one heck of a hard time trying to catch up to me in Folding. Oh well better get the lead now. . . Whenever SETI is done you're going to turn the whole SETI farm into a Folding farm and own me :eek:

Yodums :santa:
Update: the rig I use as a test server for work is online, and 1 rig for the "other" team as well.

So my 3 XP chips are all running, but nothing else: a bit less than half the electricity I was consuming.

Thanks for the well wishes, and while it does stink, it is only temporary:D
Hope you car is fixed at least!!!!!

Don't worry, keep those account numbers in black until the year ends and lets see how next year is better than this one :D