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Henry Rollins II

Apr 21, 2001
The North Pole
Im buying new cpus for a MSI K7D master(dual). I cant alter FSB because my raid card doesnt like altered PCI frequenzy, sometimes it doesnt detect the harddrives or just generally goof up.

How much of an overclock could one expect by just altering the Vcore and multiplier? I see you guys are getting your XP1600´s running at insane speeds but always with extreme FSB.
well the maximum multi you can go is 12.5 which when mutliplied by 133 (FSB, default) = 1662.5MHz, that is XP2000+ speed. You'd have to unlock the chip, and if nesecary unlock the last L5 bridge so the chip will be recognized as an MP and not an XP and will work in dual setup
no the Palominos bridges are structured different than the tbreds, which utilize 13.0x and above. for the palominos (and tbirds for that matter) the max mult you can get without cutting bridges is 12.5

i dbout you would get a big overclock on a dual board cause usually they are bad for overclocking. try doing 12.5x140 cause i am sure that will work.