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Faster RAM, new hard drive, or raid with existing drives?

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May 18, 2009
Ive got pc6400 ram slightly overclocked to 850 mhz. Ive got one 250gb seagate 16mb cache, 7200 rpm sata hard drive. Ive got another western digital that is a 640gb, 32mb cache, 7200 rpm drive. If im looking for more performance, should i get faster ram, raid my existing hard drives, or get a new 10,000 rpm hard drive?


Senior Member
Nov 26, 2005
Concord, NC
Faster RAM will do little to nothing for you.

A good SSD will give you the most benefit. Followed by a 10k RPM raptor. Last on the list is RAID0, but you'll need a matching HDD (preferably another 640GB WD).

That 640GB HDD you have is a little bit faster than the 250GB HDD you seem to be using currently (based on sig).

Old Thrashbarg

Sep 26, 2007
First of all, what kind of performance improvement are you seeking? System responsiveness, game load times, or what?

Generally speaking, and this sort of echoes jason4207's post, RAID may not do much for you depending on what sort of tasks you're doing... modern hard drives are already pretty fast for large transfers. Faster RAM certainly isn't going to do anything. Usually it's seek times and transfer of small files that makes for the most noticeable lag, and for that, going with a 10K RPM HD or SSD is the best bet.