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Fastest 266fsb cpu:...?

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Henry Rollins II

Apr 21, 2001
The North Pole
Im getting new cpu(s) for my dual machine. The AMD mpx chipset has no support for the 166Mhz fsb cpus..

I want the fastest cpu available for this machine! Ofcourse. Does anybody know if AMD are going to release any faster 133Mhz fsb cpu´s than the XP2600?
the 266FSB XP2600+ will be the last of its line, there will even be XP2600+ 333FSB. I'm not too sure when the MP2600 are coming out, and what will be the fastest MPs
Most likely the MP2600 will be just like any other MP cpu: The same thing as Xp, twice the price.

Guess I´m getting the one XP2600 to start with then.
I've read up that on some news threads, people are saying that there is Barton MPs floating around with PR ratings of over 3000 and 266MHz FSB only.

If my memory serves me correct, there should be some Barton MPs and both you and I know ;) that AMDs 760MP chipset is a 266MHz Bus chipset. Futuresupport for 333MHz MPing is of no chance so we may see 2.5GHz+ MPs on a 266MHz Bus.