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Fastest AMD Athlons in this Tower?

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Feb 18, 2002
Saint Louis, MO
Hello all

I have a dual processor tower with a pair of AMD Athlon 1900+ processors in there. I suspect that they are unlocked XP's...but I was wondering, can I put a pair of Athlon 2400+ processors in there? Would I order 2400+ XP's and try to unlock them, or could I order 2400+ MP's (is there such a beast)?

It's a 266 mhz bus machine, so this is probably as far as it's going to go, but with a Radeon 9700 video card in there and 1 gig of RAM, I'd like to upgrade the processors to the maximum limit.

Cheesy Peas

Jul 2, 2002
we need to know what make the board is, to see if its compatible with the higher dividers, its probably likely that it doesnt go past 12.5x, so you probably will need a new board if you want those CPU's

Mr B

Senior Admin Emeritus
Dec 28, 2000
East Bridgewater, MA
You "suspect" they're XP's?? I'm assuming then you didn't build this rig yourself...

All the apps I have (WCPUID, Sandra, etc..) all read my XP's in my dual as MP's now, so checking that way is out...but chances are the post above is your answer anyways.

We'd need to know what board it is (which Sandra would be able to identify) to help further.