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Fastest Duron

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Senior Member
Dec 20, 2001
I have a nice little Duron 1.1 here, unlocked too I might add.

With an Epox 8KHA+ w/v-mod how high do you think this thing can go?

I looked in the CPU data base and the fastest was 1400mhz. I think that I can do better than that.

I do not know the steeping, but it was one of the eariler chips. Im thinking of using this set up as a guniea pig for some super cooled project. Im thinking Water chiller, pelts, heck who knows. Possibly Sub-Zero temps this chip doesn't put out a lot of wattage.


Dec 20, 2000
BC Canada
Well my 1.1 ASHHA hits 1.2 stock, but no matter how much juice I give it, it just won't pass 1.3. Best I have so far is 1.266 (9.5x133) @ 1.85v's....


Dec 2, 2001
Im thinking of using this set up as a guniea pig for some super cooled project.
That is a good idea, that is the only reason I picked up a Duron 1gig morgan. Hope yours clocks better than mine, only got 1164 mhz out of it, air cooled.


Inactive Moderator
Jan 13, 2001
Minneapolis, MN
My bro has a AHLCA 1.2 Morgan stable at 1460 or somewhere in that range. Can't get a gig and a half though, even with the KR7A-133 and Samsung PC2700. It's all stock though, no voltage mod and only an AX7 cooling it. Might hit 1.5 with 2 volts, but that's a heck of a lot of voltage. I had an AMCA Duron and an AKCA Duron (both 700's) that could hit 1 GHz but needed 2V to do it. Don't worry too much about pumping a lot of voltage through these chips, they're cheap, lol... :)

My two 1.2's are maxed at 1320 (110x12) on my K7D Master, but granted, the K7D is not exactly a primo overclocker when compared to a lot of single CPU boards. My main issue, I think, is that the DDR Voltage is non-adjustable and I'm limited at 2.5V. The chips will do 1320 at 1.8V but won't do anything higher at any voltage. Maybe I should dig up something on a DDR vmod for this board... :)



Aug 29, 2002
my Duron Morgan 1200 is at 13x 109 = 1418 Mhz with 1.85V (real 1.94V) on a Asus A7V with generic SDRAM Pc133 at 2-2-2 settings
quite hot: 48C