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Fastest processor with a passive heatsink?

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New Member
Feb 6, 2001
Can anyone relate what the fastest and most current processor (Intel or AMD) they've been able to run with a passive heatsink, ie. no fan?

I have an application that needs to be as quiet as possible, so doing away with the CPU fan would be nice...
dell made a desktop with a huge passive sink ao a p233mmx ,I think that sthe fastest ive ever seen without a fan ,I still have it I think ,the sink that is
I had a Packard Bell with a pentium 120. I came without a fan but it had a huge heatsink. It was the first processor with the multipler lock. but I got it to 133.
I have a compaq with cel 300 with a passive heatsink.(just slightly larger than normal, slightly)

It was positioned near the power supply air entry so that it could take advantage of the moving air.
Always has worked great, I use it for a test machine. That way I don't mess up my workstations or server.
My P2 333 was set up rather odd... only had a large heatsink... very large...
and you could connect a fan to its side if you wanted , but i did test it and it did run fine without the fan.... although i never tried it overclocked without FANS on it as it did run hot @ 333 without
My Compaq P2 350 Slot 1 has no fan. Decent sized heat sink. These things ran way hot too, odd there is no fan but after 2 1/2 years it still runs like new.
My old celeron 300a came with a nasty little heatsink no fan. But I stuck a whopper cooling sandwich on it and said damn the noise. :)