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Faulty Motherboard/BIOS?

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New Member
Jan 11, 2016
Hi guys -

Have 32gb 4x8gb of Corsair Vengeance 3333mhz in Rampage V Extreme

Had a few issues over last fews days, all kinds of codes errors everything, managed to get it stable now but having issue with the DDR4 memory.

In bios its showing as 24gb with nothing in my Dimm D1, in my PC in Windows its showing as 24gb, in CPU-Z its showing as 32gb but on triple channel, so it knows it is there but can't utliise it.

I have swapped the sticks around and it is still Dimm D1 that shows as nothing there, any idea guys? Thanks in advance.


Benching Team Leader
Jan 2, 2005
Simply your motherboard or configuration won't let to run memory @3333.
Other reason can be memory slots or CPU pads/pins. I mean bad connection what is pretty common in these series. Try to switch memory in slots and if it won't help then reseat CPU.

Probably all 4 modules will be visible @2666-3000. I just see how memory is acting on these boards. Overclockers are often showing results at 3333+ where in CPUZ is quad channel but in real memory is working in tripple channel what memory bandwidth tests are showing. Still they say it's stable ... well, it is stable but not on all modules.

You can also check higher VCCSA/IO voltages or more relaxed memory settings @3333. In general this platform is not designed to run at so high memory clock and sometimes are issues with stability.


Jan 21, 2014
Agree with Woomack. When going for the very top of end memory speeds it is always worth to check the QVL (qualified vendors list)
Bios dropping a DIMM slot is usually sign of failed memory overclock and very very rarely failed stick or slot.
You should try JEDEC settings and confirm that all memory modules are working correctly and then work your your way up to find where it fails.