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Fear of Stability

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Feb 6, 2005
After doing a lot of reading, and testing. I seem to still have a fear for stability. I am still a junior overclocker. I have only had 2 custom PC's, an alienware PC, and a DELL. My first PC was a DELL which was bought refurbished and has served its purpose. My second PC was a Alienware, I was still very young (I am only 18 now) and had the "Alienware" fetish. Don't get me wrong they are rock solid when it comes to preformance and stability for the most part. They do a nice job. However it does not justify the price. As I got more and more interested PC's I decided to take on the challenge of building my first custom PC.

You can take a look at it here if you would like:

I decided I wasn't satisfied with what I had there, I had to keep going. After paying nearly an est. 1700 dollars for that PC, I got my 6+ months use of it. I resold the entire PC for 1400 dollars. So I would say I got my moneys worth for sure.

I decided to build a second custom PC this time with a lot more knowledge, experience and a head on my shoulders.

You can take a look at it here:

So to get to my point, Stability is definitly my number one issue when it comes to computers. You can have a great PC and great components but its rendered useless when stability simply dosen't exist. I am one to definitly not overlook stability. Reading your article pointed out a few things to me.

I am currently waiting for my RAM to be sent back through Crucial because it seems I had a defective stick. With no hassle they are sending me back my set after my RMA. So hopefully this friday I will have all my components back again and working.

I am going to treat this situation like its my first time getting the parts. I am going to take everything apart, put everything together and reformat. I want to start out fresh and put my past experiences behind me. Now I come to you for this help. I have no problem hooking everything up correctly, its getting past that part that I fear I make a fatal mistake. Because I have had problems with this before the RAM was defective.

So here are a couple questions I leave to you
1. In what order do I want to install the drivers? Also are there any things I need to leave out?
ie. IDE-SW should be left out when installing chipset drivers.
2. Are there crucial drivers that need to be installed to eliminate possible errors to come?
ie. DELL 2405FPW Drivers? AMD 64 X2 Dual Core Driver?
2. What "third-party" programs or applications are needed to be installed for complete stability. (Besides Prime951, 3DMark01 SE, Memtest86+)
3. Do I need to mess with anything with paging file for memory? Or anything special that needs tweaked such as this.
4. Have you read/heard of any important BIOS settings for DFI SLI-DR that need to be enabled/disabled.
ie. Cool n' Quiet: Disabled, Erratta whatever its called?

I think I get my point across. I am basicly looking for a second opinion and or facts to ensure that I do everything correctly. We all know with computers, if you do one minor thing different or wrong it can become very problematic and lead to critical errors.
I want my relativly new PC to give me no troubles wether im gaming, burning DVD's, or listening to music.