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FFXI question and request

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Oct 2, 2002
Tampa, FL
Hey all I'm planning to buy and play FFXI since I am recently bored with SWG.

Can a few people tell me what server you play on? I would love to play on a server with some O/Cers and maybe beg for help :cool:

Gonna be a Black Magic User with my secondary being either White/Red or Summoner


Jan 31, 2003
hmmmm.....well check out our official thread here , or if you dont feel like reading through it all just check out the links in the third post from the bottom. there are many beginners guides available at these sites along with a ton of other info.

basically just equip yourself with the proper armor and weapon for your job and go fight 'decent challenge' and 'even match' enemies. this will get you good exp. and then once your inventory is full, go back to town to sell stuff and upgrade armor/weapons. its kind of a repetitive grind but if you do this and get to level 10 then things will start to get interesting. at level 10 you can start to form effective parties for getting exp fighting 'tough' 'very tough' and 'incredibly tough' mobs.

get yourself into a linkshell(sorta like a clan or guild), this way you will have lots of support from more experienced players.

ALWAYS SELL AT THE AUCTION HOUSE!!!!!! there are some exceptions to this rule, but for the most part you can a lot more money than from selling to NPC's in shops.