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SOLVED FIC AD11 Problem - Any suggestions?

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I'm running an FIC AD11 DDR motherboard. It really is a great board, very stable (running at 10.5x133).

When I adjust the multiplier, it's fine (I've been up to 11x133) when I adjust the FSB settings the board posts but comes up with a Hard disk boot error. It does this at any multiplier at 100 FSB and 133 FSB.

The voltages are all over the place. At default vcore is 1.83v, if I adjust it with jumpers to its lowest setting of 1.7v it comes up as 1.78v. 3.3v reads 3.39v and vio reading is 3.1v (should be 2.5v!!) I think that this may be causing the FSB overclock problem but there is no way to adjust the vio voltage. I thought it may be a bad board but I've seen at least one other post talking about the same problem.

I've emailed FIC but no response.

Anyone else running an AD11 with this problem?


Athlon 1.3Mhz cpu / Alpha Pal6035 with Delta 7000rpm fan
2 x 256Mb Crucial PC2100 DDR modules
Geforce GTS 2 64Mb Video
Antec 300w Power supply