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SOLVED FIC AD11 Rocks - BIG time!!

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Just replaced my Abit KT7 with an FIC AD11 DDR board. What a GREAT board. I've installed dozens of motherboards - never had one like this. Straight out of the box into the PC running Win2k (without reinstalling) 5 mins later I was up and running with my Athlon 1.2 at 10x133. I've had no crashes, no problems at all, solid as a rock - and this thing is fast! I expected a marginal improvement going by reviewers, but it is noticeable faster in every regard.

And get this NO USB problems, NO UDMA100 problems. I had a ton of them with the KT7 and could never get USB right. Bought 2x256Mb Crucial PC2100 modules ($98 each) board cost me $135 (retail box - comes with Norton AntiVirus, Ghost, Virtual Drive and a host of other stuff).

If you are thinking about upgrading - get this board, it rocks!

AD11 motherboard
Athlon 1.2 Ghz cpu @ 10x133Mhz
512Mb Crucial PC2100 DDR Ram
Geforce 2 GTS 64Mb Video card
IBM 60Gb ATA100 Hard drive
Alpha 6035 heatsink with 7000rpm delta fan
Plextor 12/10/32A CDRW
Hitachi 12x DVD
I really like the KT133 boards FIC makes ,they are hella stable,cheap, and fast ,,only downside is lack of O/Cing features ,but for servers they kick butt! Nice to see their DDR boards are up to par :)
I'm getting to be pretty impressed with this board. Every report I've read about it is very positive. FIC may really have something here!
hooziewhatsit (Apr 11, 2001 09:45 p.m.):
so this mobo doesn't have any adjustments for o'cing?

Yes, you can choose between 100 & 133 FSB by jumper, plus several higher FSB speeds on either 100 or 133 FSB through the Bios. Then you can change the multiplier through dip switches. Voltage adjustment as well by dip switches.
I should say too that it will run both 100 & 133 FSB Athlons at 100 or 133 FSB with no trouble.
An earlier post said that FIC KT133 based boards didnt have multiplier adjustments... the AZ11E does. I have built 2 boxes (for friends) with this board, it's pretty nice. I think I'll wait for a DDR board that has a little more in overclocking features though.....

My only concernis that the core voltage only goes down to 1.45 and that may be too much for a Palomino upgrade. Thanks for the info though!