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FIC AZ-11 FSB w/Duron600 ??

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New Member
Dec 20, 2000
Hi overclockers

i cant get the FSB higher then 100Mhz on this FIC AZ-11 mobo...Each time i try, the damn thing wont even post...why?

I have good cooling, PC133 mem. good overall hardware...I dont get it! I did read about ppl reaching up to 112Mhz w/ KT133 chipset...Why can't I?
Should i raise the Vcore? Does it makes a differance when overclocking w/ FSB?

Tks all!
I have the same problem with my az11, I can get fsb of 106 to work for about 10 minutes, then it crashes even fsb of 104 isn't stable.
I decided to buy the microstar m7t pro2a mb.
If I can't overclock with that one I will upgrade my 250 watt fong kai power supply to a antec or sparkle 300 watt ( or higher)
Does your mb start up when you plug in the power cord to the power supply? Mine does, It should only boot up after the power button is pushed right?

yeah, my AZ-11 does the same thing...Turn on as soon as i plug the PS...strange...but ok! :cool:

Did you lowered you CAS setting to 3 when tryed to run @ 106FSB? I cant even raise it by 1 ! It wont post!

I think i will set my memory to "host speed" (100Mhz)...I heard it might help a little...

The board is very stable though when using "standard" setting...

Tks anyway!
My A7V powers up when i plug in the power supply - think it's to do with the power management settings in bios, but it doesn't seem to damage it so i can't be bothered to find out - lol.
I just found out why the PC starts when we plug the power supply...

In the BIOS, power management...
A setting will ask you if the PC should reboot or stay off after power faillure...Set it at OFF...it will fix this thing!

I managed to get 104FSB...now @ 624Mhz...I tryed 106 and 108...will not post....even with good cooling (case, north bridge and CPU )
Next step: Golden bridge hacking...(no jumpers on FIC AZ-11 !!!) if i can find a way to cut them!! HELP!