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FIC AZ11 help!

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Mar 17, 2001
Is there really no other way to OC this motherboard without doing the mod??? I had JUST purchased one before I started coming to this site, and low and behold...:( If there's ANY other way to OC my duron 600 without having to add the dipswitches to the board (I MIGHT be able to do it, but I'm afraid that something will go wrong because I saw my friend F*** up), please help me!

My other question is does the same apply to the FIC AZ11e mobo?? If it doesn't, would my best bet be to just switch to that (only $10 more...I'm on a very tight budget)? This will be my first time oc'ing ANYTHING...help please!
WOW... I know FIC is sometimes a little flaky ( I have one of their older SS 7 boards.) But, what exactly is the problem or mod?...does it not go to 133 fsb without modding the board?..if so, I would think its a POS by todays boards standards...
The Fic AZ11e has tjhe KT133a chip set, and can be set to 133fsb and higher I think.
It also has dips for the multiplier, so you can change that as well.
If you could cancel a order that has not shipped yet, do it. Or get even a better board with all the adjustments in the bios.
The AZ11e is a good deal though, if your the type of person that wants to set a overclock, and be done with it.
The FIC AZ11 board was one of the very first socket "A" boards available. Because of this they didn't have the advantage of a long R&D time. As a result of this, it has a few shortcomings. One of these is the omission of multiplier adjustments as well as the problems with the KT133 chipset.

All of the first generation socket "A" boards seem to have the same problem of not being able to use a FSB of higher than about 110MHz. This was addressed on the next incarnation, the KT133A and the AMD 761 chipsets.

Although the second generation AZ11"E" has included the multiplier adjustment feature it still has the older KT133 chipset. I've read a few reviews on this board and it looks like a pretty good board for someone that's overclocking on a budget. In addition to the multipliers, it includes on board sound as well. No doubt it's not a SOUND BLASTER, but it should be adequate until an upgrade. I've seen these boards going for $90.00 give or take.

FIC also has a newer board out, the AD11,that uses the AMD 761 chipset as well as the new PC2100 DDR memory. I haven't read any reviews on this board yet.
the FIC AZ11e is a KT133 chipset? I thought the KT133s only supported up to ATA66, the E model is ATA1000 .. Ill have to look into it more I guess,
Atries: I have both an FIC AZ 11 board and an AZ 11E board. Bought the AZ 11 board in September and ran a 700 Duron on it. My wife now has that board. I now have an az 11E with a 1 gig TBird overclocked to 1188 (11.5x 103fsb). It runs well.
Save the money trying to modify the az 11 board and get the az 11E board instead. If you can't get the az 11 E look for a cheap Tbird to run in the az 11. In either case PLEASE use a good Heatsink ( I use a GlobalWin FOP38) AND use good thermal paste. I use ArticSilver II Finally use a quality power supply. If you have these items you will be please.
AMD 1gig TBird @ 1188(11.5x103fsb)
Enlight 7237 case
PC Power & Cooling 300 Watt ATX Turbo cool PS
2-128 meg chips of Crucial pc133 CL2 ram
Win2k OS +SP1
Hercules OEM GForce II MX Video card
LG 52x CDROM; LG 32x8x4 CD/RW
Realtec 10/100 pci NIC
Lucent 56k WinModem
2 case fans (1 intake 1 exhaust)
Good Luck and e-mail me if you have questions with the AZ 11 or AZ 11E boards; I've spent a lot of time with them!