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FIC AZ11e : Any Good Reports Or Bad?

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dj deviant

New Member
Feb 17, 2001
I was considering purchasing a Duron 750 Socket A along with a FIC AZ11e, the newer one from FIC. Does anyone have any comments good or bad about this board. It can be found for around $99 and looks to be a good board, but I want to know if it is a good one for overclocking. If not can anyone recommend the best board for the money for some basic overclocking. Also is there a place I can find a step by step guide to unlock my AMD CPU and just basically overclock it. I have just started on this and am very capable, just new to it. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.
I have the AZ11 with a 700.... i REALLY like it!
its not as nice as the Abit, and the IDE/Floppy cable sockets are too close to my HDD (Mushin Case).

That is my ONLY complaint(well, and its quazi difficult to get to the voltage thing)...anyways-
It comes with a program that allows you to overclock you computer without phyically touching the motherboard or processor! You can go add 12 to the FSB settings on your processor, so then mulitiply 8.5(or what ever, 8 for a 800MHz, etc) by 120 or 110, or soforth, and you have an overclocked computer

what i have also heard is that you can just fill the bridges on the CPU and up the voltage and it will overclock like that too!

so have fun!

Let me know more as it come to you.
Gracias Me Amigo... Thank You My Friend!! The FIC AZ11e seems like an awesome board for quite a nice price. Is there a good web site that shows pictures of how to connect bridges on DURON processors. Thanks
I'd recommend the MSI K7TPro2A. It has all of the overclocking tweaks you could want and is only a few dollars more.
I have built 2 computers based around this board and have found it to be a decent overclocking board - just make sure your CPU fan will fit. I found it to be a tight fit with a Chrome Orb. Both systems I built would run a 700 MHz Duron at 850 no sweat - no voltage increases. the one byatch about this board is changing the voltage setting and multiplier requires opening your case and manipulating some ill-placed dip switches. Doable but not as convenient as jumperless. In above posts re: software overclocking from Windows, I do not recommend that.
FSB overclocking overclocks your AGP, PCI and IDE devices and runs things generally not good. I would recommend sticking to multiplier overclocking since these Duron's are so great for that.