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SOLVED FIC VA 503+ & AMD K6-2/500 jumper settings

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I have an AMD K6-2 500 on an FIC VA 503+ mobo.

I bought it last June as it can use both SIMMS and DIMMS.

It was shipped by the vendor underclocked to 450, as I planned on using PC 66 SIMMS.

Today I installed one 256 MB stick of PC 100 DIMM that I bought from memman.com (nice service.) They did say one 256 MB stick is OK...true?

I changed all the appropriate jumper settings per the manual, but the thing would not boot. Reseated the RAM but still no luck.

Went to the FIC website and now discover my manual is wrong. Thing is, I can't for the life of me figure out what is right. The diagrams in the manual are ver confusing. If I am looking at the mobo with the CPU at the bottom and mem slots on top, which of the 3 jumper pins is pin 1?

I did memory installs in three other machines today and had no problems, as the manuals were quite clear. And, like a fool, I did NOT note the original jumper settings before I changed them. Dumb, and I know better--but I did have the manual.

At this point, the box won't boot at all. I'll be very grateful if any FIC gurus out there can help.


Hope I can help. I have va503+ board in front of me, as well as the manual. (I upgraded to the kt7a w/750 duron.) The board runs great w/k6-2 450@500 and 112 fsb=556...voltage had to be at 2.8 though.

Anyway, just above your cpu there are 6 jumpers-and all of 'em have to be on. for pc100 the first three need to be down,up,down. The second three are the cpu multipliers (2x to 5.5x) The 5x would be down,down,up. For 550x the second three pins would be down,up,up. The top pin is 1...the bottom pin is 2.

At the bottom of the memory the first pin to your left should be on 1,2. ("1" is above) This sets it for sync. mode. As for the other three jumpers below the memory, they down,up,down for 100 mhz fsb. For 112 fsb I have mine at down,down,up. (up being pins 1,2---down being pins 2,3). The "clk4" the book shows is backward. (Or it's s'posed to be seperate from what the three jumpers are dealing with). hope this helped !