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Fic VA 503+ jumper info needed

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DocClock aka MadClocker

Senior Member
Dec 19, 2000
Stockton Cal, USA, Earth
A freind of mine just aquired a super7 mobo (va503+) and I d'l'ed the manual, but the jumper layout is slightly confusing...the manual shows freq 3,2,1, and the mobo shows freq 1,2,3...and FIC has been known to be totaly backwards in the book layout.

Ok, looking at the mobo standing up with the expansion slots to the left, and the cpu socket to the right, and the jumpers between (to the left of the cpu)...is the top jumper freq1 or 3?

And what about the sdram jumpers that are just below the freq jumpers? (they are setup the same way, and same place)...and do they matter if using edo simms?
This board seems promicing if I can set it up right, The guy ordered a K6-2 @450, and a millenium glight? h.s. Should be fast enough for surfing...he's not a gamer, but I think he has the O.C. bug..and the k6-2 is a good starter (cheap)

Any info you can provide would be most apreciated, and thanks in advance

I originaly posted this in the intel section, but I thought about it, and it would be used more for AMD chips than Intel these days, so I posted here hoping it would get some attention.
Hoping someone here can help