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finally a real test

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Yeah, I read that the other day. Made me almost buy the Blizzard 370 instead of the MC462A, until I went to the Blizzard page and read they discontinued the 370 that he used in the test. Made me suspicious for some reason. It looked like they also changed the retaining clip from one that employed all 3 tangs. The middle tang on one side of my socket broke off a while ago.

I agree Kat. There are just way too many flawed testring methodologies regarding HSFs on the web. A good read is the entire site that Mike Warrior put up regarding Socket-A HSF flaws, and who is going about it in a verifiable way. I know that Mike was featured in January, but a trip to his site is definitely worth the few minutes(okay it'll take you longer than that) to go through it and see who's conclusions are valid and who's are bunk.

They'res alot of flawed testing out there, not only for coolers, but for almost everything else too. You have to be carefull who you trust...
I started reading mikes stuff last year in the anandtech forum, I first ran into mike and a guy by the name silverback ,after posting a thread about the tempeture problems I was having (full size blue orb 900 tbird), mike immediately let me know the high temp was not only inaccurate, but also a bit higher due to the secondary heat path that socket a boards use for sampling, and suggested that I bend the thermistor up a little and put a smig of thermal grease on it .. and to my surprise, I was not in the high 50s, but more like the mid 60s , which in part explained the lockups I was having

last I heard mike was being threatened by thermaltake, for bashing there hsfs which I also get a kick out of doing from time to time , speaking of thermaltake there latest hsf only has a c/w rating of .64, must be some really smart people over there hehe ;D
If ThermalTake would put more effort into some R&D, and less into going after someone that merely is seeking the truth..I would think that their product line could only benefit. I do use Blue orbs..ThermalTake seems to be taking a page out of the litigious Rambus Corporation's playbook..how very sad.

I agree research and development would prove to be beneficial to t.t especially if they were to look into copper (large base and tightly placed pins)as opposed to something that looks nice...although I suppose that in some cases the look would be more important than performance I'm not sure where but its possible ;D