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Finally found the perfect feet for my fractal R5

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Jan 9, 2006
So I always disliked that the bottom fans on the case couldn't really breath since the stock feet sink in to the carpet and barely leave a centimeter of space if that. I finally forked out for some that raise it almost an inch higher.

Purchased from amazon in a case of 12 because I wanted some extras to put on my speakers. Not sure but should be findable in smaller quantities if you feel like looking.

I think these are the same but in a 4 pack for $6. take with a grain of salt since the ones I actually tried are in the amazon link but these look very similar and dimensions are identical.


The outer diameter sits flush where it meets the shiny plastic of the existing feet. Just take the exact same screws as the ones that came with the case for the front fans and run them through the rubber feet and the shiny silver foot that came with the case. When you peel off the thin rubber piece you'll see the hole for the screw. Obviously the screw that are there now are way to short but I had leftover ones that came with the case since I had to replace them with something longer from home depot to install my slightly thicker noctuas redux'. These end up being the perfect length. Anyhow I can fit my hand under the case now and wiggle my fingers around.

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Jan 9, 2006
Nice find! :thup:

thanks. it was the only flaw with the case. a whole 140mm fan was going to waste. now the video card has lots of fresh air coming straight up into it from the coolest point in the room.


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Apr 26, 2018
Hi Brando,

big thanks for your feet modification tip!

I like do to the same for my Define R6 Case. It seams the feets are identic to the Define R5. But because I'm no native english speaker I'm not sure if I really understand how you did the feet modification in detail. What I got is:

That you have to mount the new tall rubber feets with exact the same screws as the ones that came with the case for the front fans.

But then I wonder if you:
1. Just place the new tall rubber feets on the original feets as they are and tighten it with the fan screws.
2. First have to remove the thin rubber of the original feet. Where you find a screw underneath. Remove that original screw. Then place the new tall rubber feet on the original feet and tighten it with the fan screws into the hole that is now left from the original screw you removed before.

Is version 1 or 2 correct?