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Finally going to purchase an RTX 3080, need help though.

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Did you use DDU in safe mode to clear out the old video drivers before installing the latest?
I did. For some reason it's not detecting the new card. I just checked Speccy and it's using the onboard graphics for some reason.
Is your monitor plugged into the card or the IGP? Shouldn't have anything connected to the onboard while setting up the new card.
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Also, what cable are you using? DP, HDMI, any adapters?
I just checked Speccy and it's using the onboard graphics for some reason.
Sooooooooooo... if you're getting a video signal and speccy says you're using the iGPU, plug the video cable into the new video card (read: not in the rear IO area, ON the actual video card's outputs).

I've taken a few pictures. Please let me know if you see anything wonky.
There's no video card in these pictures. That's wonky when we're trying to troubleshoot that part... :p

It would be helpful to have a picture WITH the graphics card installed and connected (if it isn't the basics and plugging the cable in the right spot...).
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Here are some more pictures. WITH the new card in ED. 20220715_074210.jpg 20220715_074252.jpg
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My 2080 worked perfectly fine with this setup.
Ok, so after two posts without an explanation, we can SEE you have a video cable in the video card, lol. That's a start. How it's running off the iGPU through that cable and nothing attached though, no idea............................................

If I was you, I would try to install windows on a different drive (unplug everything else) and see if that works. If so, you know it's a software thing. Or, like was also mentioned earlier, try the card in another machine if you can.
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ED, I have a laptop but no other desktop. I already reinstalled. Now to run Heaven again.
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I don't know what the deal was, but after a fresh install all is well. Thank God!
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