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Finally got around to putting the Blorb on the new MX...

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Jan 12, 2001
...And it helped -- a little. I had been running 220(core) and 210(memory) with the stock setup, and it was stable enough in games, but with some artifact in 3DMark2000. After putting the Blorb on (nice lapping polish on the Blorb, NO lapping on the GPU), it ran nice and stable in 3DMark at that speed.

That would have been the max, but thanks to Walter's neat tip on a registry hack, I've got an extra 25% headroom on the sliders in Coolbits.

The next jump was up to 230/220. No way. Hit the escape key in 3DMark. 225/215 was pretty artifacty, but I let it finish and got a delightful but useless score of 5910.

The stable sweet spot ended up at 220/215, with a 3DMark score of 5867. Not too shabby. I tried moving up just the memory to 220/220, but got all manner of white sparklies, and my system hung afterwards. So 220/215 is where we sit for now.

Was it worth all the trouble, not to mention killing one video card in the process? Yep. It was fun. And when I put the ramsinks on, I'm going to try 220/220 again.

My wife doesn't understand, my friends think I'm nuts; thank God for you guys.
Hi DennisC, I'm glad to hear that u got the Borb workin, and I'm even more glad to hear that u didden't lapp ur Cpu, to continue ur "suckses" from ur last vidcard!
I think it's some really nice speeds u are getting out of our MX, I wish I could get the same....
Your wife and friends are right, but the rest of us "nuts" here on the forum will give you plenty of encouragement and support in your tweaking endeavors. I'm jealous, it seems like everyone can overclock their MX higher than me. Maybe it's time for a big blowhole in the side of the case pointing toward the cards. I already have 9 fans, might as well make it an even 10.
batboy (Apr 07, 2001 07:38 a.m.):
I'm jealous, it seems like everyone can overclock their MX higher than me.

How high can u get ur's?

I also think mine is a little slow, compared to what I see others do.
What brand is ur's?