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Finally got my Virge installed and working.

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Apr 1, 2003
Ok got the verge assembled and running. using the l30 pump and maze3 block and the danger den gpu block. I noticed that when i flat out run it full bore, prime 95 and 3dmark it gets to 49c Idles at 42c with room temp of about 74 deg F. Does this sound about right? Im running my Barton2500 (1883mhz) at 2400mhz. 192fsb set to aggressive, with 5,2,2,2.5 memory 1 gig at 2.7 volts have uber bios set to 1.9(asus psot reads 1.88) and cpu set to 1.850. Video card core is set to 364.50mhz and memory set to 330.75mhz. Seems to be all the all in wonder 9700 can do.:rolleyes: . So how do the temps sound? before I was using slk800a and would get to 122 before asus cop shut down the pc. at 2400 but was able to run the slk at 2375. reaching no more tham 122f
Pick a temp scale and stick with it. :)

42c seems a bit high for that room temp.. I am getting about the same at idle, but my room temp is 27c (~81F). What order are you w/c components set up? What is your rad??
One thing i do notice. before when asus probe said 119F, when i went into bios, it said 154F. Now Asus probe will read 116f under load but Bios read 120F so according to bios(hardware monitor) Im 34F cooler with water, Black ice extreme rad., not sure of order. but i think its pump, rad, vpu, gpu, res. back to rad.
we are both in florida, so I guess the temps aren't too far out of line. How are you coming up with that room temp? I have a Radio Shack thermal probe that I dangle in front of the intake/rad area outside the case. It shows my room temp at 27-28c all day (low 80's F), even though the thermostat is set for 72F.

My case temp is consistently 6-7c higher than the room, and the cpu 7-9c above that at idle. Load temp is about 48c.

Hope these numbers help you.
So, with a full load. LOL .(like a diaper) my cooler's probably right inline. I set my ac to 72 in the day and after midnight, I set it to 67. Great temp to sleep by.:)