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finally got the cash for a 15krpm drive need advice

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ok i finally came across some extra cash and i wanna pick up a 36gig 15,000 rpm scsi harddrive. I have a few questions first...
which brand would you choose seagate or ibm (i am getting retail box no matter which i get) next what type of scsi should i get i see there are ultra 160 ultra 320 ect...which type is suited best for performance?

Any other input you have would be appreciated
Cheers :)


Jan 29, 2002
The Big Brother Nation
no disk can achive 160 mbs sustained but the 320s are newer and give beter perfomance.
320 rock as a soft raid (lots of disks on a chanel can get close to 320 )but the cost is prity daft.
a 160 would probly give u good performance with one disk and i would say segate for performance but ibm may be cheeper. (have not looked at prices for a while) also a 32 bit 33mhz slot has a band width of 132 mb/s and 66Mhz 64bit has 528 mb/s. the slot can criple the disks with this stuff.


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Mar 13, 2002
Greensboro NC
My drive preference is normally Seagate, Fujitsu and IBM. Each generation of drives has a bit different behavior, but that's my normal order. From the board in your sig, you'll be limited to a 32/33 PCI bus, since you have to hit dual/workstation planars before you get higher end PCI busses. Assuming that, a single or dual channel U160 card, with a 64/66 native bus and backwards compatibility to 32/33, would give you upgradability and decent performance now. If you have enough money a U320 card would give more options for later.