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Finally got the new case! (pics)

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Aug 8, 2001
Aurora, Illinois
I got the Antec case with pre-modded window from SVC. As well as a deal on the black rounded cables, and picked up a red cold cathode kit. I'm going with the whole red/black scheme. I eventually will swap out the LEDs in the front for red ones.

Now onto the pics:

Here's a pic from the front with the red cold cathode on. I plan on putting at least an intake fan in there, maybe a suckhole even.


Here's the side view, it's a nice window too, plastic rivets hold it in place and I like the fact that it goes around the handle for opening the side door.


Here my cat wanted to help take apart the old case:

I almost passed out as well - swapping cases is very strenuous work!


Time to clean up the GF was getting mad that I had this stuff all over the bed.


The Foreman inspects my work for any flaws..

"Whats with all these extra parts?"


He approves!

Whelp that's about it. Took me about 3 hours to swap everything out of the old case into the new one. Still got some cable tidying work to do but I think its much better then the old Supercase I had :p

NOTE: No cats were harmed in the modding of this case
I like the red/black scheme. It looks nice. The cat mod is good too.. how did you get it to move and stuff? haha just kidding. Do you plan on adding any other mods?
Look good. The foreman looks pretty strict, jk. ;) :p I like the tidy wireing job. Cases with windows always need tidy wires is what I say, now I sometimes wish I didnt have a window @ times. ;)
heh, I purchased almost the exact same case a few months ago, but mine's Red. I got great mod for you, tint that window. I did it to mine, but it would look 100 times better on a black case, with a black window, when the light is off.
Giblet Plus! said:
Mod the cat!

Hehe. I gotta put my cat in the next pictures of my rig. :D

lol hmmm maybe I can incorporate him somehow into the next mod :p

As far as wire management it's pretty clean, right now I've got all the extra PSU wires stuffed up at the top of the case behind the DVD drive. I am going to put some wire-loom on there tonight and maybe, just maybe mount the switch for the cathode. I realized AFTER I put all my stuff in that I'd have to cut a hole for the switch, so now I've got to take it all out (at least the mobo) to prevent metal shavings from getting all over it :p

I'm thinking of maybe replacing the red light with a UV after seeing the uv pen mods on the boards. I will definately be swapping out some LEDs in the front of the case if i stick with the red/black scheme. I'll probably add a fan or two for intake/blowhole, but not sure where.
Just wondering where you have your lighting. I have the same case and no matter where I put my light it doesnt seem to light up the whole thing it just lights up an area.
creepy said:
Just wondering where you have your lighting. I have the same case and no matter where I put my light it doesnt seem to light up the whole thing it just lights up an area.

it's actually right on the bottom underneath the window.

I've only got one card in there, the vid card 'cuz that mobo has built in sound/lan so no other cards to block the light.
HAHAHHA love the case lol and the pictures of the car made me smile lol. Whys my cat gotta be so lazy? She never helps me out...: (
I can't see to well, but is that steel of aluminum ?

Other than that, That is a sweet job and the Red\Black is sweet.

Good thing the cat approves of there would be scratches everywhere.