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SOLVED Finally had to give it a go...FX-8120 to 4.8Ghz

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Apr 20, 2004
JAX, Mississauna
Give it a go...FX-8120 to 4.8Ghz_Now FX-8350 @ 5.026Ghz

Oh my goodness where to start. Did not really want BD but so many have been in forum for helps and got a horse-trade deal and got a used but surely not used up FX-8120. Cpu got to my home on this Monday and I ordered an Asus CHV on Monday and got it on Tuesday...BUT ISAAC had my New Orleans family leaving and going north and they dropped my 90 year old Father off with me since riding is rough on him and when they got to my home they were still about 135 miles from their final destination. My wife has been a saint with helping with my Father and bless her for it.

However this is now early Saturday morning the first of Sept 2012 and I only got to setup the CHV on Friday. Had to make a run with the CHV to test out a horse to trade. Finally got to stick the FX-8120 in at about 1:00 AM Saturday morning. My first run out the gate was at 4300Mhz. Yep, I like to use a little FSB to pump the ram up a little. 21x205 = ~ 4.3Ghz. See capture below for the 'seeing' part.

CHV Formula with 1102 bios and it was the first BD bios. Have not updated to the later ones yet.

D-tek Water Block.

2x2gig Gskil DDR1333 memory from a 6 gig Intel kit I have had for a few years. 9, 9, 9, 24 @ DDR1370. Ram voltage 1.55. Rated 1.5 to 1.6 volts.

Ocz 1000 watt Power X Stream power supply I have used for about 5 years. 4 rail which I no longer like, but i had it. Since losing job in 2010...well money is tough.

Old 8800 GTS video card that plays my 'wheel' games still pretty good.

3 Sata HDDs and 1 Optical drive. In AHCI mode.

One 92mm PWM fan from an older Ocz cpu cooler and using it to blow on VRM circuit and base of the cpu socket. Running from the CPU fan header since I am running W/Cooling.

Winders 7 Ult O/S.

More information from the Bios.
1. Vcore set manually to 1.425
2. CPU LLC set to "HIGH"
3. CPU/NB set to 1.225.
4. NB set to 1.125.
5. HT 2200.
6. CPU/NB 2600.
7. Cool N Quiet = Enable.
8. C1E = Enable.
9. C6 = Disable.
10. AMD Turbo Core = Disable.

Having given so many settings without even having a mobo, that when I actually can do hands-on, it was not too too terribly hard to walk thru the bios settings.

Yes, I use OCCT P95 front end since it is much neater and I am not posting asking for help. I can capture and post up one image and have all the information right in sight. But heck that is me and I have done it for years now. Well one hour of stress and I am pleased with that being first run out the chute. I know it gets tougher the longer the horse gets to run, but that is life. After a nap and depending on what family things may have to do, since I may have to make a run to New Orleans...well more tweaking up the hill is on the horizon. Just wanted to share a glimpse into a little FX goodness. RGone...ster.


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Hope all is well and Isac isn't blowing too hard. I'll take that you are still at home as a good thing and Isac hasn't been to a bit a pain for you and your family, hope it stays that way.

Nice start RGone ...... something you will see is that the FX / CHV combo will like to use more FSB in it on your OC I personally don't go too high sticking at around 225 = 230 but I have noticed that CD and a few others have run it up to 250 and higher, something that I may play a bit more with in the future. I am not that familiar with OCCT and am assuming CPU Temp is your socket temp, but from the temps you are showing its looking good so far. The only thing you might need to watch is your socket temp with an almost 20*C difference between it and core temps right now.
Yeah, I need to look and see if I have some DDR1600 ram to run on the 1333 divider so can put some more FSB's to her. Most of my ram is older since have not bought anything in a couple of years. Going to go thru the pile today and see so can pump up a little more.

Got the board on my home-made test bench that I used for 4 or 5 years so there is no air flow on top of the board except for the 92mm fan. I may add a little more fan and see if the socket type cpu temp goes a little lower. It is all just for fun and games anyway, since I really don't do anything with my bench stuff but play some older wheel games. Hehehe.

I just want to see what the board settings do and make notes of how it goes and how it handles until PD arrives. Come on nice horsie...getti up. RGone...ster.

Okay found some DDR1600 stuff and put it in. Set DDR1333 memory divider and upped FSB to 215 which gives me a cpu speed of just a hair over 4.5Ghz.

About those temps "bassnut". I have compared OCCT monitoring to HWMonitor over the years and was oh so so close to them being nearly identical. I checked the two proggies for temps again yesterday and the CPU (socket) temps track 'indentical' and the CPU CORE TEMPs are just (2) degrees lower in OCCT thru the scale. So not a real difference to speak of. The CPU CORE TEMPs actually are nearly a mirror once the cpu gets on up in the temp higher ranges. Glad you asked "bassnut" since now it is written down for understanding. I actually want to be able to refer to this thread for those wanting help in the future. Again thanks man. RGone...ster.
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Cool .... I think I had tried loading OCCT once but never could get it to run right on my system, thus had never used it. Thus that question was meant more as an understanding for myself about the temps it was showing.
The standard OCCT stress test pushes the cores a little harder than the Prime95 blend test but doesn't involve the ram as much. OCCT is very similar to the Intel burn-in stressing utility. Both use Linpac I think.

I could be mistaken but I think OCCT, like CortTemp, uses "CPU Temp" to mean core temp.
No longer adjusting by long-distance.

With a BD rig right at my fingertips so I can see what moves and gives, I can safely say that these 'thangs' do run rather warmly when kicked in the rear most end and told to boogie.

I put in some DDR1600 ram so I could add FSB/CPU Frequency and it was only running a little over DDR1400 when I jumped the FSB to 215 and left the 21 multiplier in place but the cpu speed jumped from 4.3Ghz up to 4.5Ghz and the temps rose. I only added 0.01 to the Vcore so 8 cores vibrating at 4.5Ghz and not 4.3Ghz caused the temps to rise before my "own" eyes. Less than 4.5Ghz seems a nice walk in the park but it becomes serious on 8 cores when 4.5Ghz is reached as relates to the heat put-off by 8 cores. I thought I knew it was so...BUT now I know with my eyes and not thru the net.

1. Made memory change to DDR1600 ram so would have room to raise FSB. Set Ram divider to 1333 so that there would be NO chance of having to overclock the ram but kept it tight since it would be running only a little over DDR1400 and not the DDR1600 it was rated for. Set ram voltage to 1.525.

2. Added 0.01V to Cpu Vcore and moved the CPU LLC to Ultra and not just high since I wanted to make sure the greater Vcore was not falling off and NOT jumping way up either.

3. Cool N Quiet still enabled. C1E still enabled. AMD Turbo Core still Disabled.

4. Pitcher below for eyes seeing.

Okay I was leaving Cool N Quiet and C1E enabled but was n0t seeing a reduction in cpu speed when idling. Oh crap0la, had to return Win Power Manager to Balanced and set the Cpu Power to 10% minimum and 100% at maximum cpu power state. Works like I thought it should now.

Idles at 1510Mhz and when a 'load' is applied jumps up to 4530Mhz. Viola or Eureka or hot-diggity dog man...I like this stuffs.



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    8120 1st 4500Mhz.jpg
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Rgone, i thought it was to warm in mississippi for a new whole house heater!!!!!!
good looking numbers....
Rgone, i thought it was to warm in mississippi for a new whole house heater!!!!!!
good looking numbers....

Well the electricity was off in New Orleans due to ISAAC, so there was some left over for me up here to power this heater. Crazy world though. Got A/C going full blast and the "heater". Hehehe. RGone...ster.
Welcome to the exciting world of Bulldozer RGone... :p
They really are alot of fun to tweak!

I'm sure you want to figure things out for yourself (which is a good thing), but FWIW,
I've found that keeping CPU LLC on "Ultra High" will give you the best stability when OC'd. CPU/NB doesn't need that much.

Gratz on the new gear man! :attn:
There is a reason...

...a reason to move your clock upward by mini-steps. I was time constrained and tried to jump from 4.5Ghz straight to +4.7Ghz and got lost in how much Vcore was going to be needed. Numb noots raises his hand. I done'd it.

The jump from ~4.5Ghz to 4.74Ghz took a FuLL 0.1 of a volt raise to the cpu. That is why 4.5GHz is likely still and has been shown to be a sweet spot for these 8 core FX-series processors. Always when overclocking you reach a point where the next jump in Mhz will require a hefty increase in voltage to the cpu. Been mostly that way for years now in overclocking. Peeps just don't ever seem to remember that it is going to happen like that.

Because I did not move to 4.6Ghz from 4.5Ghz I did not realize how I would have to boost the Vcore at 4.74Ghz and it took me 3.5 hours to get this 2 hour test of OCCT done since I was not giving it enough Vcore. It would run 27 mins with first Vcore, then 46 mins at second upped Vcore and then it ran 1 hr 10 mins on third Vcore hike and then I kicked the Vcore in the booty and she ran the full 2 hours of OCCT without drama. Wound up at 1.545 set in bios with CPU LLC set to "Ultra High" which gave a loaded Vcore of about 1.5 for the full run. Not too shabby.

I am now with a little more insight into just how much temperature must be removed and how many volts the cpu takes and that it also takes good ram to run the big numbers. No it is not rocket science. The rocket science is in buying G00D parts to begin with. Mid-level boards, may n0t need to apply if you want to tweak the big numbers. I will put it this way, this CHV Formula feels worth every penny and had I realized that waiting 3 days would bring me the CHV-z for $10.00 more I would have waited and bought it to be ready for PileDriver. Good stuff makes the task more readily do-able and certainly more fun. The settings are in a good boards bios. All I had to do was use them.

Pics are below. I need to get ready for company for Labor Day celebration. RGone...ster.


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4.75Ghz, thats a nice overclock, but surley you can round that up to 4.8Ghz?, what is that, 1Mhz on the FSB?

How are you finding the chip? For what they cost now i would get one if i could run it at that speed on my current cooler, i really don't fancy having to get a bigger case for a substantial H2O cooler.
i would get one if i could run it at that speed on my current cooler = Need to read really close what I been writing about in this expedition. Ain't no way that air cooler will get 4.74Ghz unless you got the most absolutely golden cpu. Might push that speed with a 4 core 4170 though. They clock pretty darn good.

I really am just playing to get a jump on PileDriver. But since AMD dorked us with killing of thubans and knowing they will bring the 8350 first...well it will be a good whle before I move up again.

I can pull the 4.5Ghz pretty easily on my rednake water cooling, so I am happy. I will when time permits, go ahead and get the 4.8Ghz. Just for funzies. RGone...ster.
he's got good numbers and good temps. where he lives i suspect he has a water chiller.
he's got good numbers and good temps. where he lives i suspect he has a water chiller.

I have forgotten where i read this, so please don't challenge me on it :p

Apparently the late batches of FX-8's are an improvement on earlier ones, that is nothing official, just people doing better overclocking on those batches.
Me don't thunk this is no late batch. Hit cummed to me frum the lan of the bulldogs. Hehehe. Hit bees a tiny sum beet used. RGone...ster.

I have forgotten where i read this, so please don't challenge me on it :p

Apparently the late batches of FX-8's are an improvement on earlier ones, that is nothing official, just people doing better overclocking on those batches.
Me don't thunk this is no late batch. Hit cummed to me frum the lan of the bulldogs. Hehehe. Hit bees a tiny sum beet used. RGone...ster.

Is that mobile text speak? Windup merchant :p

is that we are having for dinner? looks yummy.
frakk, from what i have seen of actual screenshots i think that you are right.
but you have to dig through a lot of forums to find posted screen shots.
Rgone makes me wonder where he got his.......