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Finally My Radeon 64 Vivo broke 4000 3dmarks

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Dec 29, 2000
Well, I've finally gotten my Radeon to do over 4000 3dmarks on 2000. When I first got it it'll only do about 1700 then with a little tweaking 2700-2900. Now overclocked the core to 205 and memory to 205, Finally gotten over the 4k mark. Sorry guys, just felt happy about this accomplishment. Just didn't think I'll ever get over 4k. Thanks for reading.

Test setup is 1024x768 at 32 bit
Forgot my system setup

Asus A7V
Duron 700 @ 1020Mhz 1.89vcore
256mb PC100 (GENERIC)
ATI Radeon 64 Vivo (Did regret buying it but not no more)
2 Maxtor HD's 1 20 gig ata100, 1 13 gig ata 66
Soundblaster Platinum
was that on 3dmark2000 or 3dmark2001? if it is 2000 that seems awful low. with my duron700@950 259meg pc-133 and gf2mx card i get around 5700. 3dmark2001 i get around 2300.
yeah it's 2000, and yep it's low but it's 4k, never gotten that high before, I'm not sure but radeons seem to produce lower results. I don't mind though, I still like it.
Forgot to add that im using a Radeon LE, which I over clock to 189clock/mem.
Vovan (Apr 20, 2001 04:56 a.m.):
My RADEON 64 DDR throws 3DMARK2000 at 5354 3dmarks!
O'c at 191 synchro.

My Radeon 64 DDR, OC'd to 207/207 I get 5212 marks on 3dmark2000, w/o any other tweaks (ie: RadeonTweaker). I'm happy w/ that.
Sheesh guys, don't rub it in his face, LOL.

I wouldn't worry about the score unless you need it for bragging rights. To get high scores on most cards you need to turn off all the eye candy stuff anyway. I like my games to look good, so I leave it on all the time.
Running your memory at CAS2 and pumping up your FSB will make a big differance.
That seems low for a 64 MB DDR card... my Geforce 2 MX does 6600 or so with my Duron at 954 (137 FSB). 3DMark 2K is a DX7 optimized benchmark, and I still run DX7, so if you're running DX8 that might be a reason. Anyway... I got out of the 3DMark thing (dont even have it installed with my latest reformat and reinstall of Windows) because I decided I have more worthwhile things to do with my time. All I care about is that my DVD's play smooth and that UT plays at around 50 FPS (very playable framerate).

Most people run it in 16 bit color because other wise it wont run the CPU speed test. That might account for your low score. It would be faster, and the CPU would throw in a few points as well.
Well, I'm pretty much broke as of now. I can't afford any PC133 ram just yet. School took all my money before I was able to get some quality ram. So now my ram is only at 102Mhz. My board won't let me do anything above 103 and usually I can't even post at 103. I'll update my 3dmarks when I happen to come accross some quality ram. Here's my mem config. 1 stick of toshiba 64mb ram, some weird 64mb generic ram, and a 128 no name generic ram. Hehe, man I really need to get some better ram, Sandra says I'm only getting about 414mb/s for bandwidth. Thanks for your posts, now I know what score I should be getting with my radeon.
I also have 100mhz RAM ... and look my score in my previous post !
Just do the "latest drivers + remove registry key" trick and you'll get the right scores too !