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FinalReality..have you tested? results please!

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Mar 8, 2001
I just downloaded finalreality bencmark program and I would like to
know about your scores? I think there is still something wrong in my
computer because of the low scores...eh...my test result is 5.7 marks.
Some of my friends gets much higher scores with same kind of system as
I have! 25pixel: 280kpolys/s
Robots: 60FPS
Fillrate: 90M/s
Cityscene: 85FPS
Bus transfer: 2D-114Mb/s, 3D-174Mb/s
Just ran it for the first time in a long time......but my Stock 933 (133 mhz) V5500 256 megs of CAS 2 memory pulled off a 6.06. 1024x768 at 32 bit.

Nothing special about my system.....40 gig ATA 100 7200 rpm WD drive.....Junk DFI board (waiting for my CLSU2).

And who says VooDoo sucks!