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Finding Linux drivers and software

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Nov 21, 2002
Colorado, USA
I'm building a computer with my left over hardware. It will soley be running Linux Mandrake 9.something. I need drivers for the mobo (MSI K7T266 Pro, including audio drivers), and my ATI 7200 VIVO.

I also need: temp monitoring program, ATI overclocking program, and uhh otherstuff.

A linky would be nice. Google didn't help much, just came up with abunch of junk.


Linux challenged Senior, not that it stops me...
Dec 28, 2001
Corner of No and Where
Most linux distros will have drivers for most hardware...other than "bleeding edge" stuff, anyway. ;)

These drivers are often NOT full function or optimized drivers, but the will get most things working- example: fancy 3d video cards should work in VESA, 2d mode upon install. BIG exception- winmodems.
ATI drivers are now a project I am working on- they are famed for being difficult to get working at all...and even harder to get working well. ATI overclocking in linux.....I have heard of nothing: most linux users avoid ATI for the above reasons.

Mobo drivers are done by chipset- any non-"standards compliant" stuff may be tricky, but most chipsets work just fine.

Temp monitoring will require I2c and lm_sensors minimally- to get gui readouts you will need an app for that as well: gkrellm is popular (and will link you to I2c as well. :))

A few search terms to use in google:
linux help
linux hardware support
[distro name here] forums
[distro name here] help

These should help a bit- specific hardware you have is stuff that I am not personally familiar with....

And this is a minor "thread resurrection" but I figure that even if you have found answers or given up...somebody may be able to use this info. :)