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finned vid ram

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May 12, 2001
just finished up hacking up an old hs and bonding it to my vid card. It's and oly card but still a good on, havent oc'd it since i added on the fins( from my old slot a hs) because my second psu died for no reason( only 1 week old) so i cant oc it more than the 179/165mhz that it is now at, and it's watercooled. Used some artic silver & super glue to hold the fins on, had to leave one fin off of the ram because it interfiered with the ram.

Shadow ÒÓ (May 27, 2001 04:09 a.m.):
betcha you won't see any difference. It's been said too many times, mem cooling on vid cards show practically zero gains.
Maybe not but it looks cool :):):)
Yep, I only gained about 2-3 MHz on overclocking the Vid memory when I installed my RAM sinks, but hey, it's better than nothing. Here's a pic of my Hercules MX with cooling mods. Blue Orb was installed using A.S. paste and the RAM sinks installed with A.S. epoxy.

batboy, nice blue on blue thing you have going there... that 2-3 increase defently good but was that before or after the Borb....ive been looking at what others have done and gotten so i can get an idea if its worth it like shadow said...all ive done for vid cooling is place a slot cooler under the card. the only thing i noticed was lower case temps, which is always good.
I posted a topic about this a couple months ago. Basically, I first pulled off the original sink, lapped it, and then reinstalled with Arctic Silver. Next, I added a 40mm fan (my MX didn't come with a fan). This allowed me to O/C the core about another 5 MHz over what I was able to before. No change in the memory O/C though, obviously.

The next step was that I hacked up a chipset cooler and made RAM sinks. I had decided to buy the RAM sinks you see in the pic (but hadn't ordered them yet), so I installed my homemade RAM sinks with frag tape. This gave me about 2 MHz increase for memory.

A couple weeks later, I got the Blorb and "wing fin" RAM sinks, so I stripped all the old stuff off and installed the Blorb and new RAM sinks. These mods increased the amount I could O/C by another 5 MHz core and another 1 MHz memory. Please note, I also have a slot fan next to the vid card which seems to help exhaust hot air out away from the MX.

To conclude, the total amount of difference these mods made was a 10 MHz core gain and a 3 MHz memory gain. Not too shabby. It does seem to help my 3Dmark scores. I think you need to have a little air movement across those RAM sinks for them to show any gains. The point is that RAM sinks don't help a lot, but they don't hurt either. And they sure do look pretty.
putting ramsinks on my geforce 256 ddr did nowt for my overclocking... adding a socket 7 hsf to the core, however, boosted my core oc'ing by 20mhz... the POS that creative put on there might as well have been left off.
I had an idea a minute ago, I was thinking instead of epoxying heatsinks to the memory modules I might try heatink the heatsinks up so they melt to the plastic coating, I don't know if this is possible but I have a dead vid card lieing around somewhere, I'll give it a shot and tell you if it works tomorrow
HOLY CRAP!!>>>thats a great idea phil ,Im sure I have somethin that works, I can try it with too !!!!
o/c a geforce2 ultra can have some realy good gains

some guy said in the video card forum said he o/c his gf2 ultra to 320/505

thats with water cooled heatsinks and the chip

4ms is awesome with o/c