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FirePro W8100

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Jan 26, 2017

I would like to talk a bit and ask about the FirePro W8100.

By default its fan stays silent at low rpms until the gpu reaches 90ºC, if that temp is exceeded it rises its speed up and throttling starts. It is a noisy fan (though seems powerful).

Throttling is not a common thing but in a multi gpu setup, with heat coming from another gpu, it can happens.

Now, using radeon overdrive or wattman it can be set a target temp for this videocard.

By setting that limit at a lower temp, let´s say 75ºC, the fan starts to vary its speed accordingly (auto), also core clock is regulated and is brought to the lowest p-state if thermal limit is surpassed.

So, if it is targeted to 90ºC but core clock can be risen from 835 to 1000-1050? [Mhz] and keep it working under 80ºC just by setting that temp limit and leaving the fan in auto, even if it makes some noise, I don´t care about noise, it isn´t worth it? Even the memory could be risen a little.

Is there a damage risk for any component without taking temperatures into account?

I´ve thought on vrms. Also the power limit can be decreased by a 5-10% with wattman/overdrive. Wouldn´t that help? Another part that should be considered?

I really don´t want to mess it up, it´s an expensive videocard.

Could it be that there is any info that I´m missing about the W8100?

The default behavior of that fan seems weird to me though I have no experience with workstation class gpus.

What is the logic behind keeping it at 90ºC, to prolongue the fan lifespan?? to make not noise?

I dont know, I´m not sure, maybe I´m totally wrong. What I´m thinking right now is: pushing a little the fan speed there is thermal headroom so it can go faster. There is not much science behind that, I don´t know anything about fine details.

What do people think here?

I´m using it for OpenCL rendering paired with a gaming card and it´s being slow, im not sure wether to tweak it or not. It could help for viewport/rt rendering, previews, and fast/short renders.

Any thoughts, opinions or experiences will be welcomed, thanks in advance.
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