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Firewall for Windows 10 - Complete Lock Down Needed

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Deep Pain Senior Member
Apr 16, 2001
I need a firewall for Windows 10 that allows complete lock down of the system, included Windows itself. I will need to be able to allow specific programs to connect to the internet.

I prefer free but am ok with a small fee.
I saw this in my initial search. I passed on it because the first post was about using Windows Firewall. I'm looking to stay away from that. But further reading did show a few other options.

I didn't want to block at the router simply because when I want to let something through I want it to be easy to access. The least amount of steps to allow access the better for me.

Looks like Tiny Wall will work for me.

It is interesting how once Microsoft created a decent program it pushes other solutions out of mind and out of searches.
Why? If it does the job and is free...?

Don't want Windows to update. I will be installing my 3060 v1 in my HTPC and do not want it to update and break it's ability to mine at full hashrate. Also, since it won't be updated this will hopefully also cut down chances of infection. I will only be allowing mining, ftp program and Steam. And I will likely shut down all but the mining software for most of the time.
You can disable windows update full stop. Don’t need a FW rule to do it. And a pc behind a FW (your router) will not be subject to infection from anything if youre not doing anything with it.
Installed TinyWall on two PCs so far. Works just as I wanted. Blocks everything from the get-go and I allow what I want to allow through. And it's easy to whitelist and remove from whitelist any program I see fit.

Railgun. It's just easier to do it this way. Plus, I sometimes will have a program of ill repute on network. And I don't have to worry about a program phoning home to either alert me that there is a new version or auto download it.