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First Build from Scratch LGA 775 Budget Machine

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I just wanted him to know he isn't limited to a particular 'era' GPU.

gpushack.com = nice find. hwcompare.com too.

I suppose we can find him the least expensive card that will play blu-rays and low intensity gaming.
I guess it depends on what his actual budget is for a GPU (since we have two pretty different thoughts on what 'budget' means)...

But since he is only playing Blu-Ray and low intensity gaming, a 750ti or AMD equivalent. The 7950, for its price, is incredible, but it all goes back to what his actual budget is for the GPU. According to the above post, he is only watching blu-ray and playing low intensity games (at 1080p?), so the 7950 could also be overkill. THAT said, there isn't much lower I would go as the 750ti costs $140 at newegg, and for $10 more, why not that 7950 (outside of power consumption and heat which is easily mitigated). Perhaps an R9 250x will suffice for half the cost. It wont crank settings of modern games, but, could be serviceable at medium since it is clear gaming isn't important to him.

The rosewill psu is a 700 watt modular, rated 70+ efficient which i figure is fine since I wont be X-firing any radeon 290s.
Which specific model... some rosewill PSUs are better at starting fires than powering a PC. :)
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stallion series? 700-m or something PSU

Earthdog is right about the gaming. for the next 3 years my life I wont have much time to game asides from the occassional day-off sesh with my brother upstate. So i figure when the time comes I can invest in a GPU that has proven itself (much like the 750ti) to perform well.

Raid configuration on harddrives? Tell me more. I have a small 64gb SSD I can use to boot my OS off of. What benefits would raid offer as far as cheap and effective solutions to having a boot, storage, and backup.

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I understand I'm not limited being on the pci-ex x16 platform as far as GPUs go... I already had a 5770 lying around which is why I mentioned Xfiring them in the first place
RAID=Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks. Originally, it was employed to provide safeguard against catastrophic disk failure by creating an arrangement whereby one or more disks worked together in a mirroring arrangement. If one dies you can replace it and rebuild the RAID array from the healthy one. Then someone discovered that you could create an arrangement whereby the disks didn't mirror each other but complemented each other in a synergistic way that enhanced performance and also created one large logical drive that is "x" number of times larger than the smallest drive in the array, with "x" representing the total number of drives in the array. This is called "striping". Great idea except it provides no safety net and multiplies the risk of drive failure. It only takes one drive to fail in a purely striped array in order to bork the whole array. If you have more than two drives you can combine striping and mirroring in order to have the best of both worlds, with some compromise on the performance side because of increased overhead.

Two drives in a striped array is designated as RAID 0. Technically speaking, this is not RAID because there is no redundancy but that's what they call it anyway. Two drives in a mirrored array is designated as RAID 1. If you are using more than two drives in an array then you have other RAID designations such as RAID 3, RAID 5, RAID 10, etc. Most motherboards are capable of doing RAID 0 and RAID 1 but the more sophisticated RAID arrays require a dedicated add on card to pull off and they are not cheap. RAID arrays can be hardware driven or software driven or some combo of both.

To do striped RAID with a minimal risk of failure suggests the use of NAS or Enterprise level hard drives which are made for this purpose. You should not use dissimilar hard drives in a RAID arrangement or you are asking for trouble real fast. So don't mix spinners and SSDs. Ideally, the drives should have identical specs.
Well, that PSU seems to be over rated. But should hold what loads you are putting on it. I would look in to something better sooner rather than later just in case.