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First casualty!

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Apr 22, 2001
To cut a long and painful story short I fried my 1Gig AXIAY last night. Something to do with poor HSF contact due to a tiny bit of the edge of a thermal probe overlapping the core. Bummer!

Anyway, after about 5 seconds digidoc reported 98C core temp! Pulled it out, (thermoengine totally cold!), barcode sticker on back of CPU smouldering. poo poo poo!

Now I need to make a thingy for my keyring but can't for the life of me make a hole in the thing. Tried a 900W drill with bit for cutting ceramics but hardly a scratch!

Any ideas? I need something to show for my magnificant first failure and It'll give me something to talk about in the pub!
Tough luck, bro. I would have turned pale if the same thing happened to me.

Why not just hang it under the rearview mirror of your car? Get a couple more dead or 'decommissioned' CPUs and tie them in a bunch and they'll look cooler than those big fluffy dice ornaments.
samuknow (Jul 05, 2001 09:37 a.m.):
If you really want a hole in it try a masonary bit. I actually drilled a hole in a glass bottle with one.....

How did you keep it from shattering? Drill it underwater?
I just killed my tbird 1.2 last night also. I really hate waterblocks that use the socket clips. Mine ripped the lug right off the socket and I too watched my digital thermometer go through the roof with temps until I got the nice burning smell into my nose. Hopefully I can rma this thing quickly. I also ordered a dangerden block last night to alleviate that problem.