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First OC I7 -2600k

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Jul 14, 2016
Hello all! This is my first post & will also be my first OC:attn:
MY hardware will be -
MOBO - ASRock Z77 Extreme4
CPU - Intel i7-2600k
COOLER - Corsair H80i v2
RAM - 2x8GB 240Pin DDR3 1866 HyperX
PSU - Antec HCG M Series 620W

So this will be my first OC and a learning process and would say I would like to OC to 4.6 or so....where should I start? What do I need to change on the bios for Intel OC? From what I have read I should raise the multiplier tell I find an unstable OC then slowly raise the Voltage while running stress test on prime and watching temps.
Any guidance and suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks!
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OK so I left the ram on auto and followed the guide but when I run Prime95 I get "Unable to detect some of the hyperthreaded logical CPUs" All the cores/threads are currently running and Prime said it overrode this error. Should I worry about it?
For the ram just set the XMP profile. As for the P95 error, I've never seen that
Thanks for the fast reply Johan45! Seems that error was due to having the vcore too low bumped it up after a crash and msg gone trying another run as I type vcore is now fluxing between 1.336-1.344 going to test it for 4hrs or so see if it holds true
Did you set the ram? If you want it to run rated speed you should do that before too much testing.
I left it auto in bios is that an issue? I do not see xmp profile anywhere in the ram options
Should be after that GT overclocking support in the last pic you loaded. To add pics use the third icon from the right at the top of the reply box
Right under the GT OC support is DRAM frequency Then DRAM configuration is the second Picture but I still don't see XMP..... sorry to be a pain I really appreciate the help and fast replies
In DRAM timing configuration there should be an option for load XMP at least according to the manual. I gotta go company here
no worries I think I found the issue from another site-

"First, the manual for the Z77 Pro-M board shows the Load XMP Settings as an option. But I have noticed the following on my Z77 EX 4 board. If the memory installed does not have any XMP data, that option will not be displayed. The memory I use does not have XMP data, so no XMP option. The memory I used previously with this board had XMP data, and that option was displayed when it was installed."

Memory settings can depend on the memory installed, and for some reason the memory you are using in the Pro 4-M board is not showing you anything beyond 2133."

So I guess the memory I have doesn't have XMP data therefore no option to load it
That's easy enough to find out. Use the CPUz SPD tab and post a shot up. It'll at least give you timings to set for the ram and voltage
Got most of it set up I think and this is what I have so far with an hr of prime85..Going to try for 4-8hrs with no errors should be good enough right?
It appears stable and temps are very good. We still don't know what's going on with the memory. Can you post the CPUz memory and SPD tabs.
Mem.jpg I knew i was forgetting something haha I input the setting from JEDEC#6 into bios for the ram