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First of the two needed

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Senior OC BOINC User
Apr 17, 2001
Mexico City, Mexico
The first of my PIII 1.26 GHz Tualatins got online last night.....I'm very pleased as in the next 9 hours is spit two work units: the first one a 0.515 AR in 4.5 h (it actually began crunching it at 12%) and a 0.555 AR in 3.5 h :eek:

With this bad boy (an leaving it at stock) I will be producing almost 40 WU per week in my main putter :cool: and when I finally chip in all the money I need to get the second one, 80 WU/week :cool:

Considering that I will try to push this little chip to at least 150 FSB maybe the 100 WU/week goal will be near :burn:

2 PIII 1.26 GHz----->80+ WU/week
1 PII 450 MHz----->12.5 WU/week
1 Athlon 1 GHz----->at least 10 WU/week (just crunching as a service)<-----This is my grandpa's Internet surfer :rolleyes:


Dec 18, 2001
Prattsville, NY
Very nice rigs Mictlan. Skyhook is a great fan of the IIIs (single cpu setup) and I was very impressed with his wu times. You look to have a lot of potential with yours too.




Senior Village Idiot
Jan 24, 2002
York, Pennsylvania
Welcome To The Club

I have two machines running PIII-S 1.26s at default and am very satisfied with the production of each of them. I have found that even with SETI running 24/7 in the background everything I ask my machines to do is soooooo smooth. and even with having the machines working on other stuff I am able to maintain an average time per WU of just slightly over 4hrs. for the entire 240+ WUs I've done with these processors.

I hope your experience is equally satisfying for you.



Mar 4, 2002
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
I wish I could get my Athlon 1133 over 30wu/week. But I spent all my money on a new 19" Flat Screen Monitor. Once I have some more cash, DDR RAM (it a ECS K7S5A so changing from SD to DDR is easy :) ), and some cooling gear will be added. I think with some overclocking and some DDR I should be able to go from roughly 28wu/week, to well into the 30s. Would you guys agree?