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First poor experience with Newegg

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Your thread is interesting to me from a different perspective. Several years ago I worked for a large corporation that prided itself on many aspects of customer service: high fill rate, prepaid backorders, no-questions-asked returns, 2nd ring max call answering, highest quality products. And still, from time to time, would drop the ball. We rated vendors on several criteria and ranked them in order to purchase from the highest quality vendors. Out of 800 vendors, only 5 ever went one year with no dings. =.00625% not good. But several had one ding out of 100+ transactions which meant they were good, just not Excellent. I wonder if Newegg has internal tracking from both buying and selling activities?

Hard to write off Newegg. Harder still to love 'em after a few weeks of irritation.
Hard to write off Newegg. Harder still to love 'em after a few weeks of irritation.

Precisely. I mean, it's hard to love any company when your interaction goes like mine did... (summed up in short here).

1st Contact in attempt to track package: "It WILL come Wednesday."

2nd Contact: "It WILL come Wednesday."

3rd Contact: "Oh, it should come still... lets put in a claim anyways."

4th Contact: "Oh your claim is a refund, lets make it a replacement. (still can't find the package)"

5th Contact: "Oh you won't get a replacement for 7-13 business days... we need to place another order. (still can't find the package)"

6th Contact: Rella puts the inquiry in to find the package and magically a few hours later FedEx updates the information with a scheduled delivery. Changes claim back to a refund.

I could tell after about the 3rd time contacting Newegg their CS team already thought I was crazy and impatient, but being someone who has received thousands of shipments and sent thousands of shipments via FedEx I know when the tracking information reflects "No scheduled delivery" for as long as it did - something was wrong. The very first representative should have put in whatever form or request they need to in order to get FedEx to locate a package that is in limbo like mine was. I just don't understand how they can be so polite, offer so much attention, and still dropped the ball on this one when I inquired for details on the matter and was only met with typical empty answers. It really comes down to the fact that nobody wants to accept accountability these days.

If a vendor makes a mistake they should just own up to it. Just apologize, find out what is going on, and get the package moving. Taking 6 representatives to get to that point is just silly and was a waste of time for everyone involved.
Hard to write off Newegg. Harder still to love 'em after a few weeks of irritation.

Personally, I haven't written them off. I still price shop their site almost daily. If they have the best deal on something I'm looking for, I'll still go through them and hope I don't need to RMA anything. I just won't subscribe to their Premier services. There was nothing about their Premier service that I found "Premier", I've ordered from many other places that have either had Free Shipping or shipped Same Day (or both). And I've had to RMA a few thing here and there from various companies, and while Newegg isn't the worst I've dealt with, they also aren't in the top 50% either.
I'll probably still use them too unfortunately. You just can't beat their deals sometimes.

What I will be doing more often, however, is going to MicroCenter and price matching.