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First time mod for a new build

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Dec 20, 2014

I'm about to start a new project for a custom build PC with modifications.

please find all the insides listed in this link:


Please note the list is in order of what i will be purchasing first and that's why it is split how it is.

to give you a bit of background as to what I want from my build...

1. I want to be able to expand it in terms of storage and graphics capabilities over the course of the next few years hence the over the top motherboard.

2. 32GB of RAM is overkill bit I'm expecting this to last me a good few years (10+) in which case between 16GB and 32GB I think will be a normal and in some cases required aspect. (between 8GB and 16GB being the normal now for a nigh end gaming+photo and video editing machine)

3. I will be adding a custom water cooling unit for CPU and 1-2 GPU's by the end of 2015.

4. It will look the dogs bollox

so with that in mind here is the plan...

colour scheme... White, Black... Blue Hue or UV Lighting

choice of case:

NZXT H440, great build quality, looks sleek, epic cable management, space for dual 360 rads, PSU is covered.

the plan with the case is to remove the top drive tray for the AIO Expandable water cooler, initial modifications will include laser cutting NZXT initials (maybe something else) into the front of the case and putting a black dust cover behind. this should increase the airflow from the intakes which i have read is peoples only complaint about this case (up to 10 degrees difference in temperature after front mounting a rad with front of case attached and detached)

found this, i think it should fit under the PSU shroud and will allow me to front mount the radiator for intake and then use the 3 front fans as exhaust from the top. it should also help having a push intake through the rad as opposed to pull with the case having less air available building up a higher static pressure on the panel side of the fans so in theory creating a cooler radiator with less airflow.... i think.... haha


this is what I'm thinking for increasing airflow to the front and top panels


i would cut the sound proof material the same to help bolster the modification and allow it to maintain its structure....

may possibly try the same kind of design but keep the cut lines central rather than staggered and to the edges....

just to be clear black lines = empty space with a black dust filter backing....

this being option number 2


I'm also thinking to make the cable management a bit quirky by putting a white steel pipe running the height or width of the case and use it to coil the black braided wires around for a spiralling effect (undecided on this and may also change the colour of the wires from black to white and reverse the colours for pipe and spiral)

I may also look to expand the side window though its not really necessary until I need to put in a reservoir for the custom loop.

Choice of components:

Asus GTX 970 Strix... comes with a back plate that I can remove and spray white and leave the engravings on it in black.

Motherboard: X-99 Deluxe or Rampage V.... it was always going to be the Deluxe... it looks too good.

RAM: will replace the heat-sink covers with the light bars but spray the light bars with a white gloss finish before attaching them.

AIO Cooler: Fractal Design Kelvin S36... the 360 rad I will spray the case white gloss again, best thing is its completely expandable so when I build the custom loop I will already have 1 360 rad in place.

i do have a question.....

Laser cutting the front panel and possibly side panel.... obviously not doing it myself.... does anyone in the UK know of any company, or even have the capability of doing this for me from a design....

if you got this far thanks for reading and feel free to comment, tell me what you think, suggest other mods or changes you think may work better.... until I get the case this is all speculation of what I think I can do with it so feel free to put me straight.....
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