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First time overclocking a 10900KF. Just want some guidance.

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New Member
Oct 29, 2020
I just got a 10900KF paired with a Z490 Gaming-E motherboard, been reading a lot of info about OC, never done it before with any CPU, I'm wondering if it's necessary and its a huge gain? I've read some degradation on the cpu within a year or so, I've seen that stock it gets to 4.9ghz. I've been thinking maybe get it to 5.0ghz all cores. It will be cool with a NZXT Z63 AIO. I was using a Ryzen 3700x but got tired of the CPU temperature jump all over the places and not stable idle temperatures, I totally understand a CPU being hot while on load, but not on idle, I know that it might be normal for ryzen, but I just don't like that. I'll be following this guide: https://www.overclockers.com/how-to-overclock-the-i9-10900k-a-guide-for-taming-the-beast/, and I just have a question MCE should be all disabled, or enabled- remove all limits? Thanks and any guidance will be really appreciated.
When overclocking, it doesn't matter if MCE is enabled as you are manually adjusting everything anyway. You have options to choose how you want to overclock the processor... per core, all cores (typical)... etc.