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First Time Peltier

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Mar 23, 2001
Suwanee, GA
I have dual p3 700e on an abit vp6 and I have a goal just to reach 1 gig each. But it gets pretty hot I have alpha's with AS II. I thought I would move to the next phase of o/c to reach my goal. I would try water cooling but for 2 cpus is kinda hard. This is my first time at peltiers. Is there things I should avoid or should I just slap on the peltier and turn it on. Dont know what wattage to buy or what to watch out for
Note: I have absolute zero experience with peltiers and watercooling. Anything I say I have taken from what I have heard others say.

With that said, I have heard that peltiers of any less that 172 watts are ineffective on CPU's. In tandem, you will not be able to cool the huge ball of heat that you will be creating with the pelt and your CPU with just and Alpha. You're going to need to watercool. I have seen aircooling used successfully with 80watt pelts but the hassle to benefit ratio is pretty low. That's my limited knowledge.

YES you should go w/water cooling and no it wouldn't be too complicated w/2cpus. Buy just a basic water cooling system get a HUGE 400+GPH or better pump. once u get everything but the TWO cpu water blocks but a 2 T splitters make them goto cpus other side returns and u got two going back to T splitter to radiator etc... If u do decide to get a peltier don't slap it on get a cold place to go Cpu|Coldplate|Coldside of peltier hotside of peltier|water cooling jacket. I don't reccomend using a peltier w/ a hsf because air doesn't carry the heat away it would heat up your case and most likely insulate your cpu and fry it. A single p3 at 1.85 corevoltage runs at 33 watts so two times 33 is 66 watts plus 80 watt peltiers each is 160 so that would be 226 watts of cooling power you would need(which would be hard to find). Best thing to do would be to have a water cooling system w/out peltier and it would use 66 watts a advarage raditar cools up to 100 watts.

So theres my two cents
What speed are you running at now? If you can reach the desired speed but things just get to hot try ambient temp water cooling first. It will work much better then any H/S. If you want more then add the pelt. Also this way you are learning one thing at a time instead of jumping in all at once.
what kind of radiator will work for it? where can get it? any suggestio? how about the rediator found in 2cooltek.com? err.....one more thing, is it best to put a water tank to store water or just run it like the article post on with direct circulate?
Well running pelts between 50w and 86w's with aircooling can pay off. You will get good results if your case has good airflow in it. My 86w peltier with a slot 1 alpha runs at an idle in the middle teens C. With out the peltier I could not get over 960mhz stable. With it I go to 1008mhz stable.

Keep in mind when running a peltier with aircooling, Good intake and exhaust flow is criticle. If you have very good airflow in the case it will be great. If not your case temp will go up then so will your cpu temp and so on and so on.